Bacon Jihad in Bankstown


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Charged: Mouhamad Khaled and Daphne Austin.

Court hears how bacon led to Big Mac attack

IT was a bloody brawl allegedly sparked by a hamburger with bacon. Now 32 witnesses will be called to give evidence at a hearing about how an incorrect order allegedly led to a violent assault on two police officers at a McDonald’s in April.

Mouhamad Khaled, 23, his 20-year-old girlfriend Daphne Florence Austin and his father Walid Khaled, 53, have been charged over the brawl at the Bankstown fast food outlet.

In Burwood Local Court yesterday, Magistrate Christopher Longley set a hearing date in February for Austin and Walid Khaled, who have each pleaded not guilty to charges linked to the brawl.

Mr Longley was told the prosecution will call 29 witnesses and the defence will call three people.

Mouhamad Khaled is yet to enter a plea to six charges, including inflicting grievous bodily harm on a police officer, and will be dealt with at a separate hearing.

Police allege the trouble began when the group began abusing counter staff because their hamburger contained bacon.

Police who were on the premises spoke to Walid Khaled about his alleged offensive behaviour. When he allegedly continued to swear, police tried to arrest him.

Police allege they were assaulted by Mouhamad Khaled and Austin, prompting them to use capsicum spray and batons.

As they attempted to restrain Mouhamad Khaled he allegedly grabbed their handcuffs and assaulted them.

He struck probationary Constable Matthew Sutherland on the head before swinging them at Senior Constable Alicia Bridges, hitting her.

Austin is charged with assaulting and hindering police, and Walid Khaled with resisting police, behaving in an offensive manner and offensive language.

Mouhamad Khaled spent four months in custody before being granted bail in the Supreme Court.

Burwood Local Court was told in August that Austin is due to give birth in November.

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  1. Do they use different hotplates for the bacon and beef patties anyway?
    Some of that pig grease is sure to be on all the burgers.Or do they have a special halaal section back there.
    Is powdered pork good for the soil? Let’s crop-dust the nation.

  2. Which reminds me of a funny anecdote a young guy at work relates.He was in queue with a mate at Hungry Jacks and there were two women(?) in burqas in front of them;his friend said to him in a conspiratorial whisper:”The burqas are better at Hungry Jacks”.

  3. For God’s sake… when will people wake up to the dire threat of muslims? My father-in-law was Jewish, and a very intelligent and smart and kind person. On one occasion when he and his wife were visitng us he grabbed me early one Saturday morning and said he was taking me to breakfast. We went to the usual good Canadian breakfast place and he ordered bacon and eggs and hash browns, telling the waitress that he wanted a double serving of bacon. He was an orthodox Jew, while his wife was ultra-orthodox. He looked at me and said, “Don’t tell the wife, but boy-oh-boy do I sure miss the bacon and egg breakfast.” Each to his own, I laughed with him and kept the secret. Why did this ignorant muslim even go into MacD’s when he knew they cooked bacon there… and then assaulting and swearing at Police officers??! I hope he gets a stiff sentence from the Judge, lots of jail time and also community service at a pig farm… he looks like trouble, doesn’t he? he has “I am a muslim, so don’t bother me…” all over his pubic-bearded face. Hey fella, here’s one for you if you read this…

    “Yea, though I walk through the shadow of death and evil in the presence of muslims and the jihad, I shall fear no evil, because I have a bigger stick than you.” Come on, bring it on, let me teach how good Christians react to ignorant muslim liars.

  4. Tyical muslim behavior – deport the turd and its worthless “girlfriend”. I suspect this was part of a plan to make all McDonalds to follow stinking muslim “culinary” traditions.

  5. George, it is my belief that they go to these places so as to have confrontation with anyone & everyone because that’s the way to then play the victim card. Which the dumb judge will probably agree with and let them off.

    Then a smart-arse lawyer with absolutley no morals will fight for them for compensation from McDonalds, the police who assaulted them (in their eyes) and the 29 witnesses will be threatened with lying on the stand.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but bloody hell, go back & read about that Carnita Matthews.

  6. Yeah next we’ll hear how these poor hard done by misunderstood idgits get a big payout because they were offended and are having constant nightmares, panic attacks and a myriad of other hypochondriac episodes.

    A–holes the lot of these camel botherers.

  7. This swine is naturally hesitant to consume the flesh of his closest genetic cousins / relatives via a McDonalds hamburger, however one must ask why someone who claims to be an Australian is unaware of the products sold by McDonalds.

    Should not this self declared Muslim aka.” Enemy of the Australian people” have not first asked if it was OK for him to enter McDonalds before he befouled the premises with his Islamic presence? I think so.
    Its time McDonalds,KFC and any other fast food provider in Australia realized that Australians are the people who make THEM rich, not those whose dicks you fight each other over to line up to suck so as to show THEIR “Islam friendly” credentials,
    Australians,yeah remember them ? the vast overwhelming majority who PAY your wages . Ditto the Australian Government.

  8. “Burwood Local Court was told in August that Austin is due to give birth in November.”

    Well its only September, still time for Nature, Natural Law, to take its course.

  9. – Do you believe in stoning?
    – Yes, I believe in stoning. Yes. I’d love for those things to ble implemented in Britain

    Sharia courts, sharia zones, UK, Anjem Choudhary, supremacy, hate-speech

    Report from London, by NRK
    (Norwegian State Television)

    Journalist team did not succeed in getting comments from Justice Department, or from “moderate muslims”

  10. So, the article says his “girlfriend” is pregnant. This couple are such pius Muslims that she wears Abayah and Jilbab, and he wears a beard, yet they aren’t married? Yeah, right.

    Oh, wait, let me guess…they are married Islamically by Nikah, but have not legally registered their marriage. How much do you want to bet that she is going to be claiming benefits as an unwed mother once the baby is born? Okay tax payers – get ready to start supporting Mouhamad’s “girlfriend” (wife) and baby.

  11. McDonalds have soooo kindly provided me with this list. So now can avoid using these stores. I have stopped eating from McDonalds at all
    Thank you for your email.
    McDonald’s Australia serves a selection of halal certified products in the following stores only:
    Auburn: 116 Parramatta Rd Auburn, NSW
    Lidcombe: 9-15 Vaughan Street Lidcombe, NSW
    Punchbowl: 1171 Canterbury Road Punchbowl, NSW
    Bankstown: 37 Rickard Road Bankstown, NSW
    Bankstown Sq FC II: Bankstown Centro Shopping Centre (downstairs), Bankstown NSW
    Greenacre North: 74 Roberts Road Greenacre, NSW
    St Albans: 5 St Albans Road, St Albans, VIC
    East Brunswick: Cnr Holmes and Albion Street, East Brunswick, VIC
    Roxburgh Park: Cnr Somerton & David Munro Drive, Roxburgh Park VIC
    Preston: Bell St & St Georges Road, Preston, VIC
    A halal certification certificate is located in each of these stores indicating product products are halal certififed.
    Sally Bennett
    McDonald’s Customer Service

  12. Good one Open Your Eyes Australia! I’d rather eat my dog’s droppings than Halal food prepared for those filthy desert scum Muslims. Thanks for the list.

    As for that piece of white trash, Daphne Austin, by the look of her I understand why she’s with a muslim, no decent white guy would touch her.

    I bet Jihad Daphne’s parents are really proud she married that hairy dog who probably can’t even spell his own name. As for the little hairy ape she is going to give birth to, all I can say is DAMIEN!

  13. hey guys i have a good friend that was there apparently the police officers were intimidating and acting all cocky then grabbed this dudes father that is when it turned into a shit fight!

    Media and anti muslims would lead you to believe that he went all ape shit over a bacon burger. Please guys as you all know there’s two sides to a story.

  14. Ultimately, the reason he went “ape shit” was destiny, not bacon:

    [The angel of Yahweh said to her, “Behold, you are with child, and will bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, because Yahweh has heard your affliction. He will be like a wild donkey among men. His hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him. He will live opposite all of his brothers.”] Genesis 16:11 & 12

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