Breaking: Three Islamic Headbangers Indicted For Trying to Blow Up Jyllandsposten

Thanks to o dear:

Doesn’t look like cartoon rage is going to die down anytime soon:

Three “Norwegians” indicted for terror plans against Jyllandsposten

They are Uighur, Uzbek and Kurd. Two of them carrying Norwegian passports.  Their plan was to blow up Jyllandsposten


Red Cross

Red Cross abets jihad, hides Hamas jihadist in Jerusalem office

For this, international authorities ought to condemn the Red Cross. But they won’t. “Israel arrests Hamas lawmaker in Jerusalem,” by Daniella Cheslow for the Associated Press, September 26


  • Radical headbangers fined for inciting antisemitism in McDonald’s  Via AFP (French):Two members of the radical Islamic group “Forsane Alizza” were convicted of “inciting racial hatred’ by a court in Limoges for organizing an invasion into a McDonald’s branch in 2010, and haranguing the crowd with antisemitic statements. Nassir Mokhtari (27) and Boumediene Nebah (31) were found guilty of “inciting to national, racial, religious discrimination in speech, writing, picture or electronic means of communication to the public”. They were sentenced to 800 euro and 1500 euro respectively.  (IiE)