Dutch Queen gets invitation to Islam

Step One of the threat is the invitation to join.

I’m not sure whether Queen Beatrix understands that.  But THAT queen, unlike the Danish one, would never say anything against Muslims or Islam. She doesn’t like  Geert Wilders, and the reason for that is his opposition to the blood-cult. Think she learned  her lesson from this?

Welcome to Eurabia. Here is yet another indication that Islamic supremacists will not allow the Infidels to maintain their practices that are forbidden by Sharia — such as music. Expect much more of this sort of thing in the new Europe. “Musel-Man disrupts Queen’s concert,” a translation (error correction invited) of “Man verstoort concert Koningin,” from ShowNieuws, September 3 (thanks to Jihad Watch)


Tonight a man was arrested at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. There was a classical concert scheduled in the Great Hall, where Queen Beatrix sat on the first row. Concertgebouw director Simon Reinink confirmed this to ShowNieuws.This man, neatly dressed in a suit, entered the stage and began a speech about Islam. He called himself the servant of God and invited the public to believe. One person who was present wrote on Twitter: “He said: ‘There is no bomb … I’m sorry.'”

When the guards discovered that he was not a speaker on the program, they took him off the stage and brought him over to police. According Reinink, the man did not threaten the queen. Therefore she remained quietly in her seat.

The somewhat confused man, who is known to the police, spent the next night at the police station.

10 thoughts on “Dutch Queen gets invitation to Islam”

  1. Deportation!!!! You muslims are so bloody arrogant and stupid – you have NOTHING to offer – NOTHING!!!!

  2. Probably a member of the tiny minority of misunderstanders and hijackers. Deluded and temporarily insane. (They can be quite good looking when they’re not covered in hair and tents though, eh?)

  3. To completely understand the fruits of true islam you MUST first – close up your EARS and open your EYES wide!

    Nothing that is spoken or written (including the KURAN) is relevant to real islam – only what really is happening in living working contemporary islam for all to see…

  4. “fruits of true islam” = mountains of skeletons and skulls…..?

    I never heard of you, oh great scholar of Islam, Abu Kalle. In which mosque do they cook your kind of Islam?

  5. No prophet of the Old Testament announced muhammad’s appearance.

    Unlike all the prophets , when contacted by the angel, muhammad himself believed that a demon had possessed him…

    He would go into violent fits that were so revolting, people would cover him with a sheet.

    muhammad was also sure to be going to hell as well…

    Consequently, this fellow that stopped a music concert to spin his deception is poor, ignorant, and deceived. He has taken the word of one man(muhammad…) and rejected all the Jewish prophets as well as Jesus.

    What did the Jewish prophets predict?

    From Abraham to Moses to Isaiah, Micah, Zechariah… they predicted the coming of the Messiah of the seed of David and of the Hebrews;

    not an arab…Yes, the Hebrews were chosen to bear the Messiah…the Christ…who even the prophets told would be accepted by many gentiles as their Redeemer and King…

    But honour and pride has gotten the better of most arabs. They can’t stand the thought that they were not the “chosen” race…though they even fail to understand the meaning and the true purpose of the word…

    In utter darkness, in the recesses of a cave was spawned muhammad. His message is the great deception swallowed by billions who will not accept(and will not allow others to do so either) the humility of Christ and redemption of people by His blood at the cross.

    Christ, the narrow way, has been rejected by many, who following satan are determined to achieve their own salvation by their own strength… in the process becoming slaves…… and though the Gospel is announced to them, they remain chained of their own will…and as such have committed themselves to utter darkness.

  6. Well, Kalle, we have opened our EYES WIDE and have seen the true islam (as you like to put it). I think you better start opening your EYES WIDE so that you can also see true islam as well.

    That takes care of your 1st paragraph. In regards to the 2nd paragraph…well…you’ve been drinking, haven’t you?

  7. Sheik,
    I may be incorrect, but I suspect Kalle means to say that real islam is what muslims do today – i.e. with extra trimmings of violence. And Kalle is correct in the sense that what is relevant is how muslims interpret their dogma – this is critical – what is written matters, but how it is interpreted is even more important. In any case I do not see that his/her comments can be construed as a direct support for islam. But it is rather scary – genetically compromised idiots interpreting religious dogmas that is followed blindly by 1.5 billion armed and retarded sheep with very poor social attitudes and a lust for violence.

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