For those who don't know what racism is

Black is Black:

‘It’s a Black Problem’: Fla. Black Panthers Call for End to Violence After 15 Shot in 2 Days

A mass shooting at a 21st birthday party Sunday left 11 wounded and killed one unborn child. Just two days later, three people were killed and a toddler was shot, less than a mile and a half from Sunday’s shooting.

Exterminate White People!

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For the edification of trolls who bullyingly accuse the regulars at of “racism,” this is what actual racism looks like:

Who will feed them if their wish comes true?

This black loons idea is to exterminate white people from the earth, and he’s not going to get fired or scrutinized by the media. Say “nappy headed hos” and be shut down and humiliated immediately; say “exterminate white people and be cheered.”

No Racism Among Muslim Brothers

Black Comedy

Its all ‘racism’, 24/7

Illegal Uncle

Do it in Madagascar:

Explain this:

The Right Skillz:

Condi’s Integrity?

Race Relations

 Extermination of white people