Mass-prayers in Moscow

Muselmanic mass-prayers in Moscow

An eery, intimidating scene. Masses of Moslems, who bang their foreheads on their prayer carpets in the streets of Moscow. If you don’t know Arabic, you never know which violent  verses of the Koran they recite. This is not the movies or some kind of mirage, its reality hitting Moscow’s streets. That’s how Russia’s Moslems ‘celebrate’ Ramadan. Residents have filmed it, and it doesn’t bode well for the future. Soon coming to a neigborhood near you. So pray tell: what comes after these demonstrations of strength and belligerence?  Photoseries from rianovosti.

In German thanks to PI:

Video: Massengebet von Moslems in Moskau

Es ist eine unheimliche Szenerie: Massen von Moslems, die ihre Gebete in den Moskauer Himmel rufen. Wenn man kein arabisch beherrscht, weiß man dabei nie, ob und welchen gewalttätigen Vers sie gerade rezitieren. Dies ist kein Filmset und keine Vision, es ist die Realität, die sich gestern in der russischen Hauptstadt abgespielt hat. Moslems feierten das Ende des Ramadan. Anwohner haben dies gefilmt, und es löst mehr als ungute Gefühle aus. Ein Blick auf das, was wir in Mitteleuropa auch sehr bald erleben dürften. Und was kommt nach den Massengebeten?

Und hier eine Fotoserie von rianovosti.

14 thoughts on “Mass-prayers in Moscow”

  1. That’s right Zilla. I have to think the Russians are putting up with this for their own objectives…They could crush it in a minute if they wanted to.

    I know that Brezhnev was quoted as saying, at a World Communist League conference in 1980 or 1981 that “the struggle for liberation can be waged under the banner of Islam”. And we know what “struggle” and liberation” mean in the communist lexicon.

  2. Exactly right, Ann.
    My guess is, Russia will conscript them as fodder and invade Europe.
    The mohammedan fifth column is already in place.
    Watch for Russia (and China?) to make a move when Europe is in flames from islamic jihad.

    There’s some prophecy, eg. Alois Irlmaier, that points to WW3 as Russia/China/Islam vs The Rest … but who knows.

  3. Anne: I have to think the Russians are putting up with this for their own objectives.

    Beyond Arab petrodollars, the Soviet Union and modern Russia remain largely responsible for perpetuating Islamic terrorism. They and Communist China use Islam to triangulate against American security interests.

    If and when Europe and America collapse, does anyone think for one moment that these Communist progeny will hesitate for a split second over annihilating the MME (Muslim Middle East), when it becomes too bothersome?

    The tipping point is rather simple, no matter how much Western nations seek to deny it.

    The tipping point will come when living WITH Muslims becomes more troublesome than living WITHOUT Muslims.

  4. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. Mt. 7.13

  5. The hundreds, possibly thousands, of pictured bodies appear to be all males.
    Every one of them has probably sired 6, 7, 8 or more offspring. With number 1 wife. Some will have multiple wives. Soon, they will need to commandeer even more streets to accommodate their growing numbers. Not a pretty picture. The future is grim. Too horrendous to imagine.

  6. Communism + Islamism = CORRUPTION! They will be stabbing each other in the back in a heartbeat.

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