Misunderstanders of Islam

Tony BLiar’s Brightest Moment, Ever:

Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood – they’re all part of the same Islamist movement, claims Blair

Wow, he said it! This is a guy who ‘reads the Koran every day’, remember?

Mr Blair has previously praised the Muslim faith as ‘beautiful’ and said the Prophet Mohammed had been ‘an enormously civilizing force’.

In 2006 he said the Koran was a ‘reforming book, it is inclusive. It extols science and knowledge and abhors superstition. It is practical and way ahead of its time in attitudes to marriage, women and governance’.

 He told Today presenter John Humphrys: “It is not because of something we are doing to them. They believe in what they believe in because they believe their religion compels them to believe in it.”

 Bush didn’t get it, claims Rumsfeld

Al Qaeda, Al Schmaeda

‘Outreach’ Folly: 

Again and again since 9/11, the U.S. Government has engaged in “outreach” with Islamic supremacists and jihadists

In “The U.S. Government’s Failed History of Muslim Outreach Since 9/11” in Pajamas Media, September 11, Patrick Poole offers a superb summary of the U.S. Government’s misguided, wrongheaded, politically correct attempts to reach out to Muslim groups — attempts which invariably get them tied up with Islamic supremacists and even violent jihadists.

The Grunard:

Universities should refuse to spy on their Muslim students

Siraj Datoo knows all about his teachers responsibilities, but can’t imagine he’s got some too….

2 thoughts on “Misunderstanders of Islam”

  1. Speaking as someone who grew up in England, during WWII, John Humphries would have been shot for treason.
    He is trying to blaim the west for islamisation!

    H claims that the British radicalizd the bombers.

  2. BLIAR is a dhimmi 9:29 slave of Islam

    “I read the Koran every day”, says former prime minister Tony Blair who claims it keeps him ‘faith-literate’

    24:2, 4 “(adulterers) flog them with 100, 80 stripes”
    5:38 “(thiefs) cut off his or her hands”
    9:29 “Fight against those who do not believe in Allah” (offensive jihad ‘talab’)

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