America's Muslim POTUS Calls the 9/11 Attacks 'an Act of God'

 He should have said ‘Allah’, to remove the last bit of doubt. Very strange, indeed, Obama reading from the Bible, after religious leaders were banned from the ceremonies.

Obama reads Biblical passage at 9/11 ceremonies implying that 9/11 was an act of God

Obama reads Psalm 46, including verse 8: “Come, behold the works of the LORD, how he has wrought desolations in the earth.”

The only people who think that 9/11 was an act of the Supreme Being wreaking desolations on the earth are…Islamic jihadists.

So why did Barack Obama pick this psalm out of 150 psalms, and out of innumerable appropriate Biblical passages, to read at the 9/11 ceremonies? 9/11, after all, was a day when there were indeed wrought desolations on the earth. Did Obama really mean to say that God did it, that it was an act of divine judgment, rather than a monstrous and unmitigated evil?

Or is this just another one of those funny coincidences, of which there are so very, very many when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama and his remarkable, unqualified and obvious affinity for Islam?

 Suicidal Stupidity

Official ceremonies commemorating 9/11 Islamic jihad attack scrupulously avoid mentioning Islamic jihad

As expected, the official ceremonies yesterday were a politically correct charade that avoided any mention of who attacked us or why. Imagine a Pearl Harbor observance held while the war was still going on that avoided any mention of the Japanese Empire. And that ceremony was staged by those who hold all the political power in this country — exposing yet again the fact that during a war, we are governed by people who do not understand the war we are in, steadfastly refuse to learn anything about it, and persist in pursuing fantasy-based policies that, if not abandoned, will ultimately lead to our destruction.


Meanwhile, we held our people’s rally yesterday before a huge crowd that managed to get through the numerous police roadblocks. Police were turning people away, but patriots still turned up and heard the truth at our 9/11 Freedom Rally. I’ll have a full report as soon as I can get pictures at the proper size — probably later on tonight or tomorrow morning.

“Islam Expunged from the 9/11 Memorial Services,” by Amiel Ungar for Israel National News, September 12 (thanks to Twostellas):

The ceremony at of [sic] Ground Zero today mixed commemoration and mourning. In the effort to produce an observance that could provide unity and bring the disparate figures of George W. Bush and Barack Obama together. it steered clear of the different appraisals surrounding the event.The elephant in the room, radical Islam and its broader support base went almost unmentioned.

If anybody brought in the issue of Islam, it was the liberal papers. From reading the Huffington Post one could almost walk away with the assumption that the main victims of 9/11 were American Muslims. In other papers.there was a plethora of opinion pieces on the benign sharia law and jihad as nonviolent struggle.

The paradox of America trying to move on and heal while NYPD policemen were checking out vehicles in light of an intelligence tip about three Pakistanis who would enter the United States with the goal of committing a terrorist atrocity, was obvious and disconcerting….


Yes. And suicidally stupid.

3 thoughts on “America's Muslim POTUS Calls the 9/11 Attacks 'an Act of God'”

  1. Yeah, imo, he’s bragging that Allah smote the U.S.A.

    “Come, behold the works of the LORD, how he has wrought desolations in the earth.”
    That is just entirely inappropriate.
    He’s rubbing America’s nose in it.
    The scumbag should be dragged out of the White House by his big ears.

  2. Typical taqiyya at work.

    When he reads “God”, he intends to mean “Allah”. ‘Holy deception’.

    I agree with you Mike_W!

    Just because Obama tries to cover up that his friends AL-QAEDA DID IT, doesn’t mean we’ll forget. But I’d still like to see Thor smite him off that golf course with a bolt from the blue.

  3. you know GOD will take care of obama when the time is right.we have to stay strong and fight the evil that him and his friends want to dish out. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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