True to Form, the Grunard Throws Dirt at the Resistance, Once More

How warped and twisted do you have to be to keep blaming the victim?  How weird that none of these slaves of allah blames leftist movie-maker Brian de Palma for inciting Arid Uca to kill returning U.S. airmen at Frankfurt airport  earlier this year. At least this Muslim assassin made a clear statement that it was De Palma’s movie ‘Redaction’ that made him do it.

Would the Guardian link the 17.700+ terrorist attacks committed in the name of islam since 9/11/2001 to the qur’an, the hadith and the sira? We all know the answer to that, but its writers will continue pretending that Breivik’s double terrorist attack outweighs those aforementioned thousands in any way one looks at them.

Media maps Oslo terrorist’s internet links

Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik’s “spider web of hate” was revealed today by the Guardian newspaper. The Guardian says it has analyzed the websites Breivik linked to in his manifesto, and those websites which linked to it. The interactive map, with nodes showing links between websites, is comprehensive — perhaps too much so.

Its not much of anything.  Its typical leftist filth and  agit prop. Hatred  for those who oppose our enslavement.  The Grunard crew are nothing more than a bunch of leftist retards and ankle biters.

The Guardian says it “has analysed the webpages he links to, and the pages that these in turn link to, in order to expose a spider web of hatred based around three ‘counter-jihad’ sites, two run by American rightwingers [Pamela geller and Robert Spencer], and one by an eccentric Norwegian. All of these draw some of their inspiration from the Egyptian Jewish exile Gisele Littman, who writes under the name of Bat Ye’or, and who believes that the European elites have conspired against their people to hand the continent over to Muslims.”

A link is a crime:

The Guardian notes, “Spencer’s is linked to 116 times from Breivik’s manifesto; May’s Gates of Vienna 86 times; and Fjordman 114 times.”

Opposing a victory mosque on Ground Zero is a crime:

“Spencer and Geller,” the newspaper reports, “were the organisers of the protest against the so-called 9/11 mosque in New York City. They also took over Stop Islamisation of America, a movement with links to the EDL and to a variety of far-right movements across Europe.”

Telling the truth is a crime:

Other “Counter-Jihad” websites include Gates of Vienna, “ run by an American named Edward ‘Ned’ May, on which Fjordman posted regularly and which claims that Europe is now as much under threat from a Muslim invasion as it was in 1683, when a Turkish army besieged Vienna.”

Nationalism is a crime:

The map also lists “mainstream” and “European nationalist” websites, as well as think tanks and organizations. The “European nationalist” category appears to be the most broadly defined, and includes The Brussels Journal (founded by Paul Belien),, (run by Jonathan Bowden), and (the Middle Eastern Media Research Institute).

But the crime doesn’t apply to them:

Other websites in Breivik’s  ”spider web of hate” include the Guardian newspaper itself, the BBC, CNN, NY Times,, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum,,,,,, and There is also a website called “Miss Kelly,” which offers “musings on culture, politics, Catholicism, religion, sports and furry things.”

There are no links to the EDL website.

The Guardian’s map of Breivik’s links can be found here.

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  1. Breivik is willing to speak to the media, according to his lawyer, and he hopes for an open court.

  2. Ultimately, this is not a “crime” – it is a war being fought in the heavens – satan & its sockpuppets (allah and co) versus the Biblical God. Guardian had better find out which God it will serve, for allah will be defeated.

  3. LOL…my blog didn’t get mentioned, even though Gates of Vienna had posted a link to it for years. The Grauniad’s link software doesn’t pick up everything!

  4. Vice President of Norwegian Parliament
    – Move ministries to main islamic area

    Furuset, Grorud Valley
    This is the area Norwegians are fleeing, where schools have up to 90% and more foreign speaking pupils – as their first language – when the pupils start school.

    Norwegian government is looking for alternative housing after bomb damaged government’s main building in the city of Oslo in July 2011.

    Vice President of Parliament Akhtar Choudry says if provinces can be ruled by Oslo, why can’t the country be ruled from an Oslo suburb like Furuset? This would also lead to more confidence in the population of Furuset, according to Chaudry.

    – Why does Furuset need a boost to its confidence? Because Norwegians are fleeing? What kind of confidence to the inhabitants of Furuset need, more specifically?

    Chaudry himself, was probably given a boost in his own confidence when recently he was honored by Pakistan for his work in Norway.

    Schools in Oslo
    Percentage of foreign speaking pupils
    – as first language
    (First column)

  5. Even worse, they hardly speak any Norwegian, thus making learning environment totally dysfunctional.

  6. Aftenposten:
    – Will Oslo elections be determined in Pakistan?

    Aftenposten posed the question, referring to Pakistani clan leaders, only a few years back, before that year’s election. September 12, Monday, is again election day for Oslo, like the rest of the country’s communes.

    – What is islamic clan leaders’ real power and influence on European governments?

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