A few updates on Poopstock & the Occuposers

America has the first amendment for a reason. Americans need to end the Obama spook and the rabble that believes he will pay their mortgages and ‘put gas in their car’….

Smelly Freaks with friends in strange places:

Well, actually its Obamunism that doesn’t work, but these loons are paid to camp in the streets, they think its their ‘job’….. but they also engage in “ inappropriate behavior, such as public masturbation…”

Yup. They’re just like the tea party:

Portland Police:

AZ Occupy Flier: OK to Shoot a Cop?

Tim Blair on Australia’s Toxic Greens

The Greens are the black widow spiders of politics, killing and then consuming all who mate with them politically.

SOME years ago, the blogger and columnist Tim Blair enunciated something called Blair’s Law, which holds that all varieties of stupidity ultimately flow together, into one vast river of nonsense.

Here’s MSNBC’s Deranged Muselprop Cenk Uygur Doing (what he thinks is a hit-job) on O’Reilly

Its hard listening to this blathering Muslim agit-prop who would be much happier stoning adulterous women back in Islamistan.   Its just silly to have this asshole on TV. Perhaps Bob Beckel could be his bitch and carry his water bottle…. its like they’re joined at the hips.

The strength of Blair’s Law will become clear to anyone who has wandered through one of the recent “occupations” of our capital cities. Here we find the Green-Left, 9/11 “truthers”, assorted anti-Semites, gold-standard fetishists and every variety of conspiracy nut all united around the common ideal of not bathing for days on end.