Are Blacks Simply Useful Idiots for Islam & Communist Pipe Dreams?

America’s Congressional Black Caucus proves it every day.

Racism is one of the cornerstones of the Castro regime.  As Fidel’s close friend and ally, the murderous Ernesto “Che” Guevara, once said,

The Negro is indolent and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent… We’re going to do for blacks exactly what blacks did for the Cuban revolution. By which I mean: nothing!”

Che was much too modest. “Nothing” is not at all an accurate description of Castroite treatment of Cuba’s blacks. In fact, these lily-white European soldiers sons (Fidel and Raul) forcibly overthrew a Cuban government where Cuban blacks served as President of the Senate, Minister of Agriculture, Chief of Army, and Head of State (Fulgencio Batista, a grandson of slaves who was born in a palm-roofed shack). Not that you’ll learn any of this from the liberals’ exclusive educational source on pre-Castro Cuba: the Godfather II movie.  (There’s more)

No Hop’n’Change in Cuba, Fidel calls Obama stupid:

HAVANA, Cuba — Fidel Castro is mocking U.S. President Barack Obama for saying he’s open to changing U.S. policy toward Cuba if there is change on the island first.

 Black Sperm Power

The white man has it coming, being the Devil and all. Ridgely Muhammad, Minister of Agriculture for the Nation of Islam, explains it all to the National Press Club in DC:

Also taking part in the panel was Obama’s old friend Malik Zulu Shabazz of the New Black Panther Party. The people running our federal government are not far removed from those espousing this psychotic ideology.

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Go and chase the Arabs for Money:

The Slave Reparations Racket

The reparations racket has been around for years. It has attracted a motley bunch – from jive-talking hustlers to erudite professors of academic disciplines like African-American history and post-colonial studies. But only in recent years have whole countries joined the reparations racket.   (More)

Haha,  this is good:

“Rev. Sharpton said we never got our ‘40 acres and a mule’, wrote Parks in his legal brief to the courts.

”Yes, we did, and they were taken away by a Democrat.”

Black Pastor Sues Obama & Democratic Party for Racism

“I recently interviewed a man who is suing the Obama administration for racial discrimination–against white people. Normally I wouldn’t describe anyone by their skin color, but it’s interesting to note in this instance that the man filing the lawsuit is Black.”  (BCF)


Arrest Holder Now!

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2 thoughts on “Are Blacks Simply Useful Idiots for Islam & Communist Pipe Dreams?”

  1. In general Black IQ levels are far below Hispanics, Asians are top whites second Hispanics third and Blacks a very poor fourth. Why am I making you aware of this, after all the Lame Stream EneMedia would never dare to admit it or even admit that a serious Scientific study had come to this conclusion. Well because Blacks becoming Muslims is absolutely hilarious they are deserting the Christian faith of their Slave OWNERS to join the CULT of their SLAVE TRADERS. Lack of an adequate IQ is the only explanation for this sublime stupidity.

  2. Pragmatist,
    I think you will find that Caucasians are responsible for more breakthroughs in science, maths etc than Asians. On many scales your analysis is incorrect. You first need to identify what you mean by IQ. If you mean an excellent work ethic then your statement above may be true, but that is NOT IQ. If asians score the best results in school tests it is because they are working harder – if they were more intelligent then others then we should expect to see the distribution of race vs. intellectual achievement at the highest levels to be radically different to what we observe. As for blacks, again define what you wish to use as a marker to test IQ! Now factor in the incredibly mind-numbing capacity of islam, the blatant abuse of afro-american kids who are told by their own peers that they cannot achieve because the system is against them (even though many practice a zero work ethic) and many other critical factors. The analysis is rather complicated and suggests that systematic intellectual abuse of kids in these communities of the nature outlined above is a significant factor in reducing these kids capabilities to function effectively. There are also cultural elements which are critical in the analysis and which, due to time pressure, I have not factored in.

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