Obama's Jihad Against America

Michael Behenna: Jailed For Killing Our Enemy

Free Him NOW!

Geller in Fort Lauderdale with Tea Party Patriots

This will make your blood boil.

In case you missed it, read this here to catch up.

This is a gross miscarriage of justice. Pamela Geller blogged periodically on the outrageous persecution of Lt. Michael Behenna. At least he should have got a fair trial with the new evidence. This wonderful soldier killed a known terrorist, a bloody savage in the war against the West by jihad. We should be giving Behenna a parade down Fifth Avenue. The criminalization of our heroes is the liberal wet dream and the goal of the enemy, Islamic supremacists. Indeed, they make common cause of their hate of the good. This cannot stand.


Their Blood is on his hands:

 Today’s Fallen Heroes in the War on Jihad: US Casualties Skyrocket Under Obama

Obama’s Jihad Against American Icons


There’s plenty more where that came from. Continue with ‘Fast & Furious’  or add your own: the O’turd is not only an enemy of America, but a monumental failure in everything he does.