Balinese KRudd

Snouts in the trough

Lovely to see the humble servants we have making great sacrifices for the sake of their Country:

Gillards first bloke is being helped to 3 million dollars in government funding. (A tight little team)

Whole Lotta Helping Going On:

Tim Blair: One day you’re a carefree Australian teen enjoying Balinese massages and helping boost the local economy, and the next you’re involved in some kind of custody battle between Julia and Kevni:

The boy, from the central coast, now has the personal attention of both the Prime Minister and the Foreign Affairs Minister, Kevin Rudd.

Poor kid.

My KRuddness! 

Rudd’s rhetoric just heightens anxiety.

Indonesians have shown themselves in the past to be completely unmoved—if not irritated into obstinacy—by Australian theatrics, whether over Schapelle Corby or cattle. Tackling the Corby syndrome

The Boy is Being Gillarded:

Give Indonesia a break

This becoming farcical, with Gillard now trying to trump Rudd:

The Prime Minster, Julia Gillard, has taken a personal interest in the plight of a 14-year-old NSW boy arrested on drug charges in Indonesia, speaking to him over the phone yesterday to offer reassurance.

2 thoughts on “Balinese KRudd”

  1. You can never trust the Indonesians – they cast covert eyes at Australia per se – wondering what they can do to get a further foothold on our fair shores. Krudd and Gillard are forever sucking up to these compassionless morons – nothing is ever said about the abuses they carry out in West Papua.
    I have never supported Labour – they tax anything and everything – next it will be the air we breathe. However I did support them in their efforts to hand over asylum seekers to the Malaysian authorities to deal with. That would have been the only way we could be sure we are getting the genuine article and not the freeloaders – or MUSLIMS.

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