'Criticism of Islam Equals 'Racial Discrimination'- Muselmaniacs Demand DOJ Outlaw All Criticism of Islam

Obama Regime  orders elimination of all references to Islam in training manuals for law enforcement and national security

The White House is absolutely infested with 5th column radicals—Marxists, socialists, Islamists, you name it. How it is that none of these people are challenged is both mind-blowing, and treasonous.

It’s surreal, but only if one continues to deny the truth of who Hussein Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood truly are. Both are radical. Both hate what America stands for. Both want to “fundamentally transform America.” He told us, but Americans were too stupid to listen.

Sharia vs Free speech: 

10 years after 9/11  a Marxist Muslim usurper  turns the white house into a pig sty and Muslims call the shots in the DHS, the CIA and the Justice Department.

Department of Justice  caves, submits, bends over:

Deputy U.S. Attorney General orders references to Islam pulled from training documents

Disaster Number 1: The risk of behaving for the sake of political correctness as if terrorist threats from all corners are of equivalent magnitude, when they are not. Disaster Number 2: Refusing to engage ideology, reducing counter-terror efforts to fighting a tactic, and not its cause.

This move, though not the first of its kind under the Obama administration, will not make Americans safer. It will certainly not win the hearts and minds of jihadists or their sympathizers, who have their own reasons for hating us that are wholly independent of, say, what is in a training manual.

It will only leave authorities fighting jihadist terrorism with one hand tied ever more tightly behind their backs, and fighting a manufactured, but officially approved version of reality that is ever more removed from the inconvenient, uncomfortable, unofficial one. More on this story. “Obama administration pulls references to Islam from terror training materials, official says,” from The Daily Caller, October 21:

John Bolton calls  it by name: “Obama Thought Control”

Justice Department meets with Hamas-linked Islamic supremacists who call for limits on free speech about Islam

Obama’s Department of Sharia in action again — and note that no one batted an eye over the calls to limit the freedom of speech and to stop telling the truth about Islam and jihad. “Progressives, Islamists huddle at Justice Department,” by Neil Munro at the Daily Caller, October 21:

Top Justice Department officials convened a meeting Wednesday where invited Islamist advocates lobbied them for cutbacks in anti-terror funding, changes in agents’ training manuals, additional curbs on investigators and a legal declaration that U.S. citizens’ criticism of Islam constitutes racial discrimination.

The department’s “civil rights lawyers are top of the line — I say this with utter honesty — I know they can come up with a way” to redefine criticism as discrimination, said Sahar Aziz, a female, Egyptian-American lawyer.


“I’d be willing to give a shot at it,” said Aziz, who is a fellow at the Michigan-based Muslim advocacy group, the Institute for Social Policy & Understanding.

The audience of Islamist advocates and department officials included Tom Perez, who heads the department’s division of civil rights.

“We must continue to have the open and honest and critical dialogue that you saw in the robust debate,” Perez responded in an enthusiastic closing speech a few minutes after Aziz made her demands at the event….

Progressives ally with the Islamic lobby because “they think it will be a political voting bloc that will be reliably Democratic,” said Robert Spencer, an author and expert on Islam.

None of the Islamist advocates of civil rights officials in attendance, including Perez, objected to Aziz’s call for free-speech restrictions….

The word “Muslim,” she said, “has become racialized. … I don’t accept this formalistic cop-out that this is all about religion.”

Aziz did not offer any evidence for her claim, which she said justifies the use of Title VI anti-discrimination laws against institutions and individuals who argue that Islamic texts spur Islamic violence.

This legal redefinition, she said, would also “take [federal] money away from local police departments and fusion centers who are spying on all of us.”

Aziz also argued against the commonplace police practice of informally talking with people in communities, including Muslim communities. “This has been a real problem with this outreach stuff,” she said. Muslims “are acting in good faith, and then they find their imams, who were going to outreach meetings, were being spied on,” she complained. “Some have been deported. Some have been prosecuted.”…

“People are going in good faith” to talk with police, Aziz said. “They’re being very honest about what their grievances are. They’re telling the government, ‘This what we want you to do … [and] we want you not to spy on our community.’”…

Aziz’s advocacy was supported by a second Islamist advocate, [the Hamas-linked] Islamic Society of North America president Mohamed Magid. He argued that “teaching people that all Muslims are a threat to the country… is against the law and the Constitution.”

Magid asked Perez to change the federal government’s rules governing terror investigations, for more private meetings with top justice department officials, for the reeducation of FBI agents, and for more people to oppose criticism of Islam, which he labelled “religious bigotry and hate.”

In 2009 the federal government named Magid’s organization an unindicted co-conspirator in the successful 2009 trial of three Muslims who smuggled $12 million to the Islamist terror group Hamas. Two of the smugglers received life sentences….

Progressives, including Holton and Perez, choose to ignore the Islamists’ stated goals, Spencer said. “They assume — and force us to assume on pain of charges of ‘Islamophobia’ — that all Muslims are moderate, peaceful and have no intentions of bringing Sharia [Islamic law] here,” said Spencer. “No amount of evidence to the contrary, no amount of jihadi plots, and no number of demands for accommodation of Sharia’s provisions, ever disabuses them of this dogma.”

Justice Department officials declined to comment to The Daily Caller.

When the session ended, Perez — a Maryland resident, a progressive and a former staffer to Sen. Ted Kennedy — climbed the stage to embrace Imam Magid, who was born in Sudan and trained at a Saudi fundamentalist seminary.

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  1. A commenter who gets it:

    They’re removing the phrase ‘Islamic terrorists’ and replacing it with the words- Christian, white, pro life, pro Constitution, military vet, tea partier. It doesn’t suprise me- dear leader and the rest of the muslim lovers have wanted to turn America into the Islamic American States, sharia for all or else because they think it’s done wonders in England and France. Oh and of course while everyone is focused on fighting against sharia, dear leader can accomplish so many commie programs.

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