"They Betrayed Islam", He Said

Honor Killing in Canada:

“They deserved it,” – “May the devil shit on their graves,”-  “they didn’t want to wear hijabs….”

(we all know that Muslim females love to wear their headrags and do it -voluntarily- for ‘Allah’- and  of course: none of this has anything to do with Islam…. right?)

Father accused in multiple honor killings says “Were they to come to life, I would do it again”

Sahar Shafia, 15, who was found dead with 3 others, Zainab Shafia, 17, Geeti Shafia, 13, and Rona Amir Mohammad, 53, Their bodies were found on the morning of June 30, 2009, in a Nissan Sentra submerged in the Kingston Mills locks, on the edge of the town of Kingston- The National Post

“They betrayed Islam,” he said, because they had boyfriends and didn’t want to wear hijabs. This report also details the many occasions on which the child protection system failed to protect the victims through procedural bungling, including interviewing the children in their parents’ presence after hearing of the parents’ threat to kill them, and a general climate of denial about the seriousness of the situation.

“‘I would do it again’; court hears horror of alleged honour killing,” by Christine Blatchford for the National Post, October 21 (thanks to JW):

Charged with four counts each of first-degree murder are Mr. Shafia, Ms. Yahya and their oldest son Hamid, who was 18 at the time. All are pleading not guilty. Continue reading

Ezra Levant

The inconvenient truth about honor killings (Vlad Tepes Video)

(Plus  Raheel Reza on Islam’s war on women and honour killings– she is either ignorant or in taqiyya overdrive…..)

Ezra Levant: Muslim police to save Muslim women from honor killings?

Ezra is on fire here. He also  explains the Mark Lepine case, a Muslim who changed his name and killed 15 women:

5 thoughts on “"They Betrayed Islam", He Said”

  1. They are All are pleading not guilty.

    Of course. They are not guilty according to their law and religious customs.

    Come on Canada. In a Multicultural Canada which respects the culture and religion of all, it is wrong and unfair to prosecute these caring parents.

  2. No Ezra . Step two is “put them in time out” ! You might want to develop your listening skills. Also, the legal system in canada is not doing anything to help mulim females because the canadian establishment is cowardly. They are AFRAID of retribution from the muslim community, plain and simple. Just like those worthless englanders, letting muslims rule their island. Cowards, one and all. White, soft, cowards.

  3. “Wrong and unfair to prosecute the caring parents” hahaha!! they deserve to rot in prison then burn in hell. Dirty fuc%en muslims, 3 beatiful girls killed because they didn’t want to live the life there crazy muslim father wanted them too, the dirty Muslim life, MUSLIMS GO HOME!!!! they should not be allowed in the US or Canada.

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