Even Arabs Notice the Difference: Israel Cares….

Syrian Arab on twitter:

“Israel exchanged 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for one Israeli, because it cares about its citizens. I’m jealous. All this while our government is killing us like animals.”


Stabbing attack in Jerusalem; youth hurt

Police continue manhunt after Palestinian suspect in stabbing attack; 17-year-old victim in hospital with multiple wounds…. (source)

Meanwhile, in Londonistan:

Illegal demonstrations, vandalism and a cowardly, dhimmified police force service have enabled Mohammedan invaders and anarchist loons to drive a Jewish business  out of business. Nazi Germany sends its regards. EUrabia is everywhere….. (PI)

eye on the world

Arab Users Tweet: Israel Cares About its Citizens

 Very telling.

(INN) The release of Gilad Shalit has attracted worldwide attention, including that of Arab users of the Internet, who have used the Twitter social network to share their thoughts on the exchange deal with the world.

Israel’s Channel 10 News on Wednesday presented some of the tweets written by Arab users over the past 24 hours, since Shalit was released from captivity and returned to his family home.

Many Tweeters, Channel 10 noted, wondered how cheap Arab citizens must be to their governments, compared to the distance that Israel was ready to go for the release of one citizen.

I have to say something that you probably won’t like, but I’ll say it anyway: Israel exchanged 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for one Israeli,” a Syrian user nicknamed SooriMadsoos wrote. I’m just jealous of their government, because it cares about its citizens. Their government is willing to pay the ultimate price for one citizen. All this while our government is killing us like animals.”


One thought on “Even Arabs Notice the Difference: Israel Cares….”

  1. It is sad when the ruler of any nation subjects its citizens
    to cruelty. No citizen of any nation should be treated like
    an animal. “We are all worth something”, we all have inalienable
    rights to live our lives with the freedom to make our own basic
    choices for ourselves and our families, as long as it does not
    endanger anyone else. We all should be able to work out our
    own salvation – finding our own path to Heaven and to not have
    that right not removed by any entity – your soul is in your own
    hands – no one else’s. The freedom to choose your own faith
    and live peaceably amongst all people is the greatest gift of all….
    It is a gift to yourself and it is a gift to other people who share in
    that faith with you.
    We are all created equal and should not be subjected to any
    form of cruelty or tyranny from any leader or ruler.

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