Fartwa Against Bollywood 'Azaan'

“The film’s name hurts Muslim sentiments” (thanks to BCF for the tip)

How come we never hear from Muslims  who care about  hurt sentiments of non-Muslims who have to put up with the howling from the muezzin 5 times a day?

Sunni Darul-Uloom Mohammediya Minara Masjid, Wednesday issued a ‘fatwa’ that no film can be named after ‘Azaan’, the auspicious call to prayers to Muslim faithful.

Ghosi said he has written to the state government seeking its urgent intervention in the matter.

Or else:

“If the state government fails to respond within the next 24 hours, over 10,000 Muslims along with muftis and maulanas shall stage demonstrations after the Friday afternoon namaaz all over Mumbai,” Ghosi warned.

You can bet your sweet fanny that the gubmint will cave even faster than that.

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