Iran means business

Iran Martyr’s Brigades

Killing and dying in the way of Allah is their highest goal. Thanks to Vlad Tepes, who calls them ‘shroud walkers’. (More links to JW, eye on the world & the Blaze & BNI))

 A Used Car Salesman’s Jihad Plot & Other Inner Struggle Updates

Ezra Levant & Robert Spencer On Tehran’s Terror Plot

‘A nicer guy we never knew’- and all the usual taqiyya from the perps, including his tilt:

The problem is that the teachings of Islam are available for any Muslim to decide to act upon, even if he has ignored those teachings for years…” More here.

Would you buy a used jihad from this man?

Indonesia’s ‘Tiny Minority of Excremists:’

‘Allahu akbar!’

Speech for Islamic youth by Sheik Feiz Mohammad:

Allah made a bargain with his servants, they kill and are killed……

Flashback: A group founded by a Muslim extremist who encourages children to kill themselves for Allah, plans to build a huge complex in Sydney to teach young people Islam.

Unfortunately, Google’s pulled the vid. If you got a link please send it it.

Sheik Feiz Mohammed is the most prominent spiritual leader of the centre GYIC (Global Islamic Youth Centre), a “prayer, learning and sporting” facility in Liverpool.

However, the Sheik was exposed two years ago for having called on children to sacrifice themselves to Allah, describing Jews as “pigs” and calling non-believers “filth”.

He has been linked to convicted terrorist “Jihad” Jack Roch and several other terror suspects.


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