Gaddafi's Final Moments

No doubt Gaddafi was the ultimate authority on ‘right and wrong’

Gaddafi’s last words were ‘Do you know right from wrong?’ (Daily Mail has bloody pic’s)

Watch how the “tiny minority of excremists” export one of their own to the virgins:

(Caution: video contains graphic images.)

ONE video shows Muammar Gaddafi dragged, dazed and bleeding, off the back of a pickup.

Seconds later we see the Libyan despot extremely dead, apparently shot in the head.

For my part, I have no doubt that the new Libya will be a perfect democracy…. under sharia:

No trial, no martyrdom, no defiant last speeches, no loyalists fighting on in his name.

Just click, bang. And you probably even cheered.

So isn’t capital punishment useful?

Oops. I’ve offended against the conventional piety of this country, so peaceful that moralists can afford to damn the execution of even the evil.

So I should say it’s a shame the wishes of the Western governments dabbling in Libya were not respected when Gaddafi was this week dragged out of a sewage pipe (it’s claimed) by the NATO-backed rebels overrunning his home town of Sirte.

Yes, the rebels should have sent their old dictator off for trial in the International Criminal Court, based in The Hague, for crimes against humanity.

There he could have spent the next few years awaiting victors’ justice, and preparing speeches of self-justification of the kind that Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic delivered during his own trial until he died – probably from boredom – after four years of waiting for a verdict.

Hmm. I wonder what the Muslim world would have made of that? Would it have seen it as the imperial West just picking on a poor Muslim leader?

Well, we’ll never know because the “rebels” on Thursday held a trial that lasted as long as it took to fire a gun.

Moving on.
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7 thoughts on “Gaddafi's Final Moments”

  1. Americans who gloat over Gaddafi’s death are just as sick and barbarric as the Muslim crazies. We are becoming no better than they.
    He and Bin Laden both desevered a trial by Law. But ,then again,you can’t expect savages to judge by Anglo-Saxon Law.
    Also, “B-O” bama could not get the credit for the “Great Revenge” of the Amurricans.
    It’s all bogshite!

  2. Sheikh,

    The moment I heard the RoP cries of “Allahu Ackbar”, blood was going to flow soon.

    As for the new rulers, its only a matter of time before they too hear the cries of “Allahu Ackbar” to their detriment.

    Islam is a religion that feeds on the blood of its followers and non-followers.

  3. Sheikh wrote: For my part, I have no doubt that the new Libya will be a perfect democracy…. under sharia.

    Of course. How can you doubt it.

  4. Hey! Give’m a state! Let them rule the world!! Recognize their superiority!
    You gotta admire them, they are consistent to a fault. Brainless savages.

  5. Their bloodlust, barbarity and cruelness is something the World needs to see because it’s coming to your country REAL soon!

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