Spooky Dude, Muselmanic Wall Street Prayers & Useful Idiots

What you have  here is a bunch of clueless Utopian dreamers, marching and getting arrested for one of the greatest schemers this planet has ever seen. I assume Soros is getting a grand kick out of all of this.

“Eat Your Peas”

Ferals Can’t Be Racist:

Gun & Knives Pulled at Obama-Endorsed Occupy Portland Protest After Black Man Called a N*gger   —Don’t worry. The liberal media will sweep this violent racist episode under the rug in no time.

A black man pulled a gun at the Occupy Portland protest and fellow protesters pulled knives during a filming incident after he was called a n*gger.

All Your Wall Street Are Belong to Us:

America is different, right? Things like this could never happen in the US of A:

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