Ganging up on Israel

Palestinian Officials” Wipe Israel Off Map

 Obama has said the same thing

“Everybody knows that the greater goal cannot be accomplished in one go.”

Fatah leader: 1967 borders would mean end of Israel, but “keep it to yourself”

Hamas is impatient. Islamic Jihad is impatient. But in any case, they all have the same goal.

Code for: negotiate, get as much as you can, and then move the yardstick down the road saying that’s not enough.


New U.S. Message: Scold Israel for Getting More Isolated

Israel is blamed for not embracing the anti-semtic pro-holocaust sentiment that surrounds it. The enemies of the United States of America are  running the United States of America.

Allahu akbar! Gaza Headbangers Get Help From Sudan

Thanks to Vlad Tepes

Link 1 from Prophet of Doom

Link 2 also from POD (more directly on point)

Link 3 Wikipedia on the aftermath of the attack on the Jewish people referred to