Germany Discovers 'Left-Wing Extremism'

Strange. All you ever hear in Germany is the enemedia droning on about ‘Gefahr von Rechts’- (right wing extremism) That of course was always a cover for red-green  Nazis to hide behind. Make no mistake: todays Greens and Socialists are no different from yesterdays Nazis. The Nazis were socialists, not conservatives, and todays unholy alliance  between socialists and the greens, both in bed with the Muselmanic scourge, is taking Germany right back to were it was in 1938.

Left-Wing Extremism

Leftists Claim Fire Bombs

 Police safely removed several fire bombs found in a tunnel near Berlin’s main train station on Monday. The foiled attack came after a fire set along the line between the German capital and Hamburg caused major disruption to rail traffic. (Spiegel)

Ten Years in Afghanistan

German General Says NATO Mission Has ‘Failed’

A top German general who was instrumental in planning the Bundeswehr’s mission in Afghanistan has said that the intervention has failed and the Taliban will regain power within months of withdrawal. Ten years after the invasion, he is far from alone with his critique. more…

SPIEGEL Interview with Former Nuclear Watchdog

The Iranians ‘Tricked and Misled Us’

In a SPIEGEL interview, Olli Heinonen, the former deputy director of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, offers his first assessment of his 27 years at the global nuclear watchdog. He addresses Iran’s nuclear program, his concerns about the security of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and mistakes made in Fukushima.  more… [ Forum ]

Francois Hollande Eyes the Elysée

President Normal May Soon Rule France

In France, more Socialism is more “normalcy”…..

The French, it would seem, have tired of the antics of President Nicolas Sarkozy. Polls indicate that life-long Socialist Francois Hollande stands the best chance of defeating the incumbent. It would mark a significant shift for France — from flamboyance to staid normalcy. By Romain Leick more… [ Forum ]

Violence Escalates in Turkey

Kurds Fear New Civil War May Be Brewing

The violence between the Kurdish PKK and Turkish security forces continues to escalate. Each day there are new victims and the risk of a civil war is rising. The future hinges on Prime Minister Erdogan — and whether he chooses diplomacy over military confrontation. By Jürgen Gottschlich more…