Mufti of Syria Threatens to Activate Suicide Bombers in Europe and the U.S.

Religion of Assassins & Genocidal Lunatics

We featured  Badr-al Din Hassoun here before, when he scared the EU stooges in Brussels out of their wits in order to prevent  Geert Wilders  from speaking in the EU parliament.

 Geert Wilders, an elected politician of what is now the strongest party in the Netherlands,  was prevented from speaking in the EU pigsty, and was not allowed to show his 15 minute movie FITNA by the EU apparatchiks, because he tells the truth about Islam. (Thanks to Odear for sending this in)

5 thoughts on “Mufti of Syria Threatens to Activate Suicide Bombers in Europe and the U.S.”

  1. Let him. It will be best way to spped the awaking of the dogs of war AGAINST islam (capitals for benefit of muslims) in Europe.

  2. Sheikh Ahmad Hassoun became the Shiite community, which loves the Alawite community a lot because his friend, President Bashar al-Assad and Bashar al-Assad belongs to the Alawite sect. Now there is a new al-Qaeda continued to Alawite and Shiites. Sheikh Hassoun terrorist should be arrested. And should the United States and Europe to take extreme caution after this threat. NATO must now go to Syria to topple the Assad regime to Destroy even terrorize the Alawite sect, before they engage in terrorist acts against us.

  3. These suicidal Muslims need a sound thrashing… Christians of Europe and U S A take lessons from Indian Hindus!!!

  4. Muslims ruled over India for 1000 years … and even though the worlds 2nd largest Muslim population resides India, Hindus are not in the least afraid of the Terrorist Muslims.!!! Hindus serve them what they deserve.

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