Islam and Sexuality, a Presentation by Ann Barnhardt

Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

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 Anti-Islam Message Canceled: Moonbats chicken out:

Koran-burning Ann Barnhardt’s appearance before Loveland group scrapped

At her mildest, Ann Barnhardt appears on a poster, dressed in pink high-heeled shoes, toting a pink AR-15 semiautomatic rifle, standing side-by-side with a heroic portrait of Joan of Arc. At her most extreme, the slim, dark-haired woman with wide, bright eyes appears before an American flag, holding a copy of the Quran bookmarked with raw bacon, reading pages aloud, tearing them out and setting them ablaze in a large vase.

Barnhardt’s tough, explicitly illustrated anti-Islamic message first played in Loveland in Sept. 20 at a meeting of the Loveland 912 Project. “She’s out there. That’s for sure,” 912 Project chairman Tom Buchanan said. “I don’t think we’ll be asking her back again anytime soon.” Yet Barnhardt was scheduled, until a cancellation on Friday, to bring her presentation back to the region again tonight at a meeting of the Colorado Conservative Union, a group for which Buchanan also serves as chairman.

He said Friday he had learned only recently that Barnhardt would return, and that he had not planned to attend tonight’s event, having already hosted her at the 912 gathering.

“She’s got some pretty strong convictions, and those strong convictions attract people,” Buchanan said of Barnhardt. “These days, we’re looking for leaders, no matter how wrong they might be. Maybe that bluntness that she has is what attracts people.” Barnhardt’s appearance had been set for 6 p.m. tonight at Johnson’s Corner Truck Stop and Café.

‘Not In My House’

But owner Chauncey Taylor, upon hearing about the speaker and her presentation, contacted the CCU organizers on Friday and canceled the event. “I don’t want anyone who is espousing violence, or inviting violence upon themselves, to be here,” Taylor said after investigating Barnhardt’s website and talking with event organizers. “My duty is to keep this a safe and uplifting place for our customers and employees. Anyone who is going to advocate violence is not welcome. That’s not acceptable, not in my world, not in my house. If you’re espousing hate, please don’t come to my house.”

Barnhardt, who described herself in an interview Friday as a “traditional, pre-Vatican II, Latin-Mass Catholic,” rejects any distinction between Islamic extremists and Muslims in general. She said also that she rejects the notion that Islam is a religion, and that Muslims therefore enjoy First Amendment protection. “It’s not a religion,” she said. “It’s a totalitarian political system. It is a seditious system, working against every government on the face of the earth.” In the pages of a translated Quran, Barnhardt says she finds evidence that its contents also advocate “homosexuality, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, … oh, and incest. That, too.” The CCU newsletter advertising Barnhardt’s appearance warns of “the graphic and potentially offensive content of our speaker’s material,” and says children will not be allowed to attend — and for good reason.

‘Absolutely offensive’

“It is not potentially offensive,” Barnhardt said. “It is absolutely offensive. I have photographs of female genital mutilation” that she says are part and parcel of Islam. “I’m going to show the information that needs to be shown,” she said. “This business of burying your head in the sand has got to stop.” Yes, Barnhardt has received death threats, most recently after the posting of her Quran-burning video on YouTube, where it has been translated into 10 languages including Arabic. “Watch your back,” a Muslim living in Britain wrote. “I’m going to kill you when I find you.”

Barnhardt did not seek police help. She replied, “You don’t need to ‘find’ me,” then listed her address in Lonetree. “Luckily for you, there are daily direct flights from Heathrow to Denver,” she wrote, then gave detailed directions to her home. “Just do me one favor. Please wear body armor. I have some new ammunition that I want to try out.” Her broad-brush treatment of the followers of Islam calls for a solution to what she calls “Muslim creep,” a movement that she says will destroy the nation. “Mass deportation is the solution,” she said, adding that American-born Muslims will have a choice. “If they refuse to renounce Islam, try them for treason,” she said. “If we don’t act, we’ll be living under the tyranny of a Marxist-Islamic jackboot.”

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  1. Anne unfortunately goes overboard when she talks about Female Genital Mutilation and attributes this disgusting act being applied to 90% of Muslim women. Having sowed my wild oats for many years in Indonesia and Malaysia I can honestly say I never encountered even ONE case of FGM. Now you may say mine was a very small sample of the women in those places but I can tell you it was not a SMALL sample by any means. LOL. Does FGM exist in Islam yes I believe it does but I also believe that IN MOST CASES it is not the Clitoradectomy / Lip cutting/Vaginal sowing that Anne showed graphic photos of but merely a SYMBOLIC ritual leaving the women unharmed and complete with clitorises. Does the real MUTILATION ever take place yes I think so in places like Saudi/Pakistan/Bangladesh etc but even there its not universal. The real problem is that the IDEA of doing so is still very much part of Islam.

  2. I would say yr comments are probably out of date. Anne is a very courageous young woman who is capable of shocking the sleeping majority out of their slumber.

  3. Things have changed in Indonesia, as in many other places. I spend a lot of time there in the early seventies, and I never saw a hijab. Today you see a lot of ‘diversity’: hijab, niqab, jilbab, burqa, chador, whatever…. The mosque did have little influence then, but Islam rules everything now.

    Nowadays the indoctrinated sheeple are taking their ‘religion’ very seriously

  4. yup thats right … fascism’s on the rise in the US … you ll see how funny things can get once the first deportation camps are running (ask some germans in case you lack the imagination) … I guess someone has to be made responsible once the economy falls flat wether jews, muslims, hindus, whatever, and we all know how it ends, dont we.

  5. Pragmatist,
    The Saudis have transformed Indonesia from a country with a lot of potential to a country filled with brain-dead violent twirps. You can bet that FGM is on the rise in Indonsia.

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