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In Obama’s ‘homeland,’ no woman will ever be allowed to serve as a judge in a shari’a court

Shari’a courts now dominate Kenya, where Obama actively helped Muslims overthrow the Christian prime minister, using American taxpayer dollars to do it.

“Muslim law means the holy Koran” sez the zebiba boy…..

Angola gets rid of Hezbo terrorists

Angola on Tuesday expelled 140 foreign nationals, including 16 Lebanese, on suspicions of terrorism and money laundering, a government official said.  If they can do it, why can’t we?

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Stay away from Kenya’s coast, Britons warned after French disabled woman is kidnapped by Somali pirates

Disabled French woman Marie Dedieu was abducted from this house which she rents for half the year at Ras Gitau, in Manda, part of the Lamu archipelago

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Stephen Fry on race:

It so happened that I was in Kenya at the time of Barack Obama’s election as president. I spoke to a member of the Luo tribe, from which Obama’s father came, and asked if he was pleased that America should not only now have a black president, but one from his people. “Very pleased of course,” came the reply, “but you should consider that had Mr Obama been elected president of Kenya, he would have been our first white president.”

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  1. Fanatical Frenzy Outbreak in Lamu, Kenya:

    Kenya: Muslims enraged, riot over hotel shower graffiti

    Writing Allah’s name on a shower stall: haram. Smashing glasses and beer bottles and menacing people over Allah’s name being written on a hotel shower stall: halal. “Lamu Muslims Up in Arms Over Hotel Shower Graffiti,” from the Nairobi Star, October 10 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

    There was drama on Lamu island after hundreds of Muslim faithfuls stormed a hotel protesting against Islamic inscriptions in a swimming pool shower stall. The angry youths led by sheikhs, imams and civic leaders claimed the inscription was offensive because their religion does not allow ‘Allahu’ (God) to be written where people are naked.
    They then moved to Petlizz bar where they overturned chairs and smashed glasses and beer bottles while calling for the closure of the recreational facility and threatening to set the building ablaze. Area Officer Commanding Station Francis Tumbo was forced to intervene and closed two bars on the premises to ease the tension. Security personnel had a hard time controlling the youths and it took the intervention of councillors, imams and the police to cool them down.

    However, they camped outside the building demanding the arrest of the girl, Rahima, they claim wrote on the wall. “This is very wrong. How can a person write the name of Allah at a place where people go naked to take a bath and do other evil things? We want action to be taken against the suspect and we shall not move until she is arrested,” a protester shouted outside the bar.

    The protestors remained at the hotel for more than four hours chanting the Takhbir solidarity slogan [That’s “Allahu akbar” — RS] and the Muslim call to mass action while condemning the act. Security personnel from the police and Kenya Army kept vigil and monitored the building. Mohamed Abdulkhadir from the Coast Interfaith Council of Clerics who was present at the protests condemened [sic] the act saying it could trigger chaos because it had offended the Islamic faith.

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