Loons & Baboons

You can’t seperate the coffee-filter from the mental baggage:

Kent State history professor Julio Pino , who has  been linked to Islamic terrorism, shouts “Death to Israel”  at a former Israeli diplomat speaking at the university Tuesday night.

Would you buy your kidz a history lesson from this kook?

Here’s another one thanks to Scaramouche:

Who says there are no jokes in Islam? I found this—Imam Zia Khan riffing on Stephen Harper’s interview last month with the Ceeb’s Mansbridge (the imam sees Harper’s “Islamicism” comment as being a slippery slope that could ultimately lead to Muslims being tattooed and eliminated a la what Hitler did to the Jews)—on this website.

These people don’t only wear coffee-filters, they also see the world through coffee-filters – and yet, Loon Watch fans would call this guy a scholar of Islam, go figure!