Occupation Goes Global

Has ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Been Sucked Into A Global Socialist Movement?

The entitlement brigades are out in force:   Nazi Party & Communist Party Both Throw Their Support Behind Occupy Wall Street Movement (GWP)

This is Obama’s army.

Andrew Bolt has vids from Melbourne and wonders: These people will make the world better?

Its like a disease: symptoms are dressing in a chicken suit, demanding an “f..ing load of songs” and accusing Australia of genocide and what not.

‘Glo-bull worming’ is still high on the agenda, and other peoples money must somehow be redistributed. Like… capitalism is bad and we must not drink champagne, says one.

And finally: what’s a Leftist protest without trying to intimidate a shop owned by Israeli Jews?:


Demonstrators march past a burning car in downtown Rome on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2011. (AFP)

Occupy Protests Spread Worldwide: Demonstrations Planned in 82 Countries

  •  Wikileaks’ Julian Assange stops by Occupy London
  • • Canadian CTV: Occupy protests begin in cities

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Japan Times: Hundreds turn out to Occupy Tokyo


There is only one war in which Hussein Obama is qualified to serve as Commander in Chief — the class war: 

Glenn Beck predicted it all back in January 2011

Tea Party Activists Infiltrate Occupy DC – Expose Open Anti-Americanism & Violent Extremism Behind Movement (Video) GWP

This video has nearly 100,000 views now.

Three tea party activists and former protest warriors infiltrated Occupy DC where they endured violent threats by far left extremists. You’ll notice that the radicals did not care to discuss the issues, they just were insulting, rude and threatening… including Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin.

2 thoughts on “Occupation Goes Global”

  1. Blasphemic act
    – Profanation which makes no sense, according to spokesman of the church. We didn’t expect any attack on religious symbols

    A group of youths with black headgear forced their way into the parish hall of the church Santi Marcellino e Pietro, and destroyed a crucifix and a little statue of Madonna of Lourdes

    They also tried to enter into the heart of the church, but had to give up forcing the doors.


  2. Usurper Obambi the Community Organizer JUSTIFIED this outburst of mindless anti Capitalism by spouting the Class Warfare rhetoric that he has been doing over the past couple of months. The anarchists have always been there they just never had a Leader in the White House before. The sublime stupidity is they should be demonstrating AGAINST Obami as it is him and HIS Policies which have destroyed the US Economy and which make spending and benefit cuts Essential and INEVITABLE . Taking away the ENTITLEMENTS these morons live on. Ask any one of them where the money comes from to pay THEIR benefits and who will pay them if the smash the system and all you will get is a bemused stare and a brainwashed chant.

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