Sowdi Barbaria Beheads a 'Wizard'

Musta been a fake wizard, because a real wizard would have got away…. nevertheless, the Sowdis like their beheadings anytime, anywhere, like here in a parking lot next to a supermarket.

Warning: Graphic!  (thanks to Vlad Tepes)

Live Leak explanation:

A wizard is publically beheaded with a swift stroke of the sword taking his head off very quickly. Saudis argue that beheading is more humane and faster than electrocution and lethal injection. This video occured recently on September 20th 2011

One thought on “Sowdi Barbaria Beheads a 'Wizard'”

  1. The murder of person who was probably innocent of any crime but died because an idiot arab could not get an erection while raping its donkey. Saudi Arabia – a backwards s___hole, with a backwards people, who only have influence because we buy their oil.

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