The Hijab is a Killer

I suspect they need a new dough mixer:

Vienna: Life-threatening injuries after headscarf caught in mixer

Via the Austrian Times, h/t Islam in Europe:

A woman almost got strangled when her headscarf got caught in a dough mixer.

The 21-year-old woman worked a dough mixing machine in a tent at a party in Vienna’s Krieau on Saturday night when her headscarf was caught in the running machine, strangling her by the throat.    (source)


6 thoughts on “The Hijab is a Killer”

  1. That goes to say that wearing the said apparel is dangerous for some type of work. We must also note that the apparel must have helped many women escape rape and othe dishonourable things when in the open. In todays world the apparel goes to say that the female is a devout muslim and the men are happy with that because they do not want their wives and children of the female sex to be seen by others. That does not stop them from ogling and spilling sperms when they sight non burqa wearing girls or women. What a life.

  2. Ah well Isa Ben Yusoff, if you understand their logic then you are probably the only person who does so. However, since all that is important to these muslims is that they mindlessly follow the quran they probably do not care if their prehistoric habits are life-endangering to them and others. And this observation can be interpreted as a statement that islam is the religion of the selfish who damn all others in a misguided attempt to reach a mythical paradise.

  3. was there no warnings on the mixer when purchased… e.g…do not use while covered with a tent…(sarc off)

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