Netherlands: Lawyer Proposes 'Just a Little Nick' to Legalize Genital Mutilation

 Lets tolerate barbarity so that the barbarians don’t have to become like us:

Netherlands: Lawyer proposes legalizing ‘symbolic’ female circumcision

“Just a tiny little nick”-  for the “tiny minority of excremists”,  tinier than the 600-pound gorilla in the room:

These people are certifiably insane. First of all,  its not circumcision, its genital mutilation. Second: who will decide how much will be cut off and how will those be punished who mutilate their daughters ‘properly?’

Wouter Limborgh, a criminal lawyer, proposes in his doctoral thesis to legalize a minor or symbolic female circumcision under medical supervision. The consequences for the girl in such a procedure are so minor, he says, that cultural freedom should take precedence. Limborgh writes that this will meet the wish of people to be who they are. Their quality of life will increase and it will prevent people from going ahead with procedures which aren’t visible.

Limborgh says this won’t be a slippery slope and that it could improve the position of women. If the procedure won’t lead to drastic and lasting harmful effects for the girl, there’s insufficient reason for punishment.

The idea was criticized by The Dutch Physicians Association and women’s organizations.

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“the Supreme Court judges said it was a breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights”

British courts are using Human Rights legislation to knock down laws rightly made by Parliament, a Supreme Court judge said yesterday.

Lord Brown launched a furious attack on other judges for making ‘highly contentious’ rulings and ‘frustrating’ Government policy decisions. His comments came as his court, against his wishes, overturned a ban on marriage visas for foreign nationals wanting to marry a Briton when either is under 21. (Daily Mail)

 Netherlands: PVV proposes to punish Morocco for not accepting deported Moroccans

PVV parliamentarian Sietse Fritsma suggested to Minister Gerd Leers (Immigration and asylum) that if Morocco continues to refuse to accept illegal Moroccans deported from the Netherlands, the Netherlands should not let Moroccan ships and planes into the country.

The problem with deporting rejected asylum seekers is that their country of origin often refuses to cooperate in their return. Asylum seekers without a passport need new travel papers. (Islam in Europe:  PVV: Punish Morocco for not accepting deported Moroccans)

Now they blame the “right-wingers”

Netherlands: Mass immigration was rightwing policy, says Labour MP

The duplicity of the left is a bottomless pit:

The mass immigration of Turks and Moroccans was the result of rightwing policy, and it is also the rightwing parties that are now responsible an influx of badly-integrated East Europeans, declares Labour (PvdA) MP Martijn van Dam.


3 thoughts on “Netherlands: Lawyer Proposes 'Just a Little Nick' to Legalize Genital Mutilation”

  1. The Arabic version of the law states:

    “Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the clitoris (bazr in Arabic)- (this is called HufaaD). ” (Reliance of the Traveller, a classical manual of Islamic sacred law in Arabic with facing English text, commentary and appendices edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller (1994) p59.

    * Note the English version falsely translates bazr as ‘prepuce ‘ of the clitoris!!)

    Strict adherence to islamic values, of course! I was being rhetorical. If you are still uncertain as to what good islamic values might actually be, those values so superior to our Australian un-islamic values, the ever reliable dhimmi SMH has printed a guide. wonder if Keysar would care to comment? Which part of these much-vaunted “values” should we attempt to emulate? Islamic “honor” or Islamic murder?

  2. A truly odious and barbaric aspect of Islam. This is genital mutilation, not circumcision. This is a physical manifestation of one of the core agendas outlined in that accused book the Koran – that of control of women. Islam is fundamentally a misogynistic ‘religion’, from a coda that subjugates and controls the thoughts and actions of women, to the physical destruction of any right a woman has to sexual pleasure. Islam is a sickening example of of a culture that intrinsically hates women.

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