"They cover their faces, they hide their identity so we don’t know who they are…"

No bigotry to see here, infidels. Move on!

PSC audience applauds speaker warning about “people (evil Jews) in the Finchley area” [updated]

Here’s Laura Stuart, a flotilla activist talking to a London meeting of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, June 9 2010: check out the comments. Harry’s posters are…….#@#&* challenged!

 UK: Racism, Terrorism, Sex Attacks & “Islamophobia”

Only whitey can be racist:

 Protest over racism fears at school

There seems to be a barrier between the white community and the Muslim community.” There are several allegations of Asian pupils attacking white pupils. (Not “Asians”- Muslims!)

Poverty Causes Terrorism
Different Strokes for Different Folks:
Pakistani Makes Mockery of British Immigration System…
  • Once you’re in you’re in:  a British woman whose immigrant husband abandoned her weeks after getting into the UK via an arranged marriage revealed yesterday how the authorities spent ten years ignoring her pleas to deport him for flouting the law.
Somali Sex Attacker Gets Discount
 Ciise Muqtar Mohammed

AN asylum seeker whose late-night sex attack left his victim “a prisoner in her own home” has had his jail term slashed. (source)

We are seeing more and more stories like this. Europeans, adults or children, attacked by Muslim aliens simply for being European. Blondes seem to be especially at risk. Usually the media doesn’t give the real reasons for the attack, or only hints at it by saying something like “they didn’t like blondes”. Here, at least, the motivation is explicitly stated.  (islam vs Europe)
“Islamophobia” Katzenyammer Gets a Hearing in the House of Commons:
“Dr” Daud Abdullah, Director of MEMO”Being a Muslim in Britain and Europe today has a price – Islamophobia”. Dr Abdullah criticised the government and right wing organisations’ “double speak”; “on one hand we are told to participate and when we do, we are told we are infiltrators!”
The truth will out.  Once  our Freedom of Speech is taken from us we can only resort to violence to restore it.

2 thoughts on “"They cover their faces, they hide their identity so we don’t know who they are…"”

  1. History tends to repeat cyclically. The last sentence after “The truth will out. …” will pass again. Sadly those who have been entrusted to protect society while the rest of us support and build have again let the side down. It is amazing how a thug like Soros and its left wing minions can buy so many to his will – we seem to have been giving the reins of responsibility to the weak minded!!

  2. Here’s Laura Stuart, a perfect example of hypocrisy in our time.

    As with when I listen to some politicians, many priests and the occasional world-changer-wanna-be, the contradictions in their statements are never called on. Why not?

    Worse, if you point them out (a women wearing a mask is furious that others wear a mask) you just get puzzled looks “but that is religious”. I feel with the Quaker gentleman.

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