We are the victims of collective punishment, say "Palestinians"

The Arabs are always the victims, even when they shoot thousands of  rockets into Israel and murder Israeli citizens. Well, Abbas knew there would be consequences, but when have the kafirs ever denied  the jiziya to their fav terrorists?

If that doesn’t call for jihad I don’t know what will:

Abbas is punished by $200m cut in aid from US

Congress makes Palestinians pay for seeking UN recognition

By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem

The United States Congress has blocked nearly $200m in aid for the Palestinians, threatening projects such as food aid, health care, and support for efforts to build a functioning state.


Hamas honcho vows destruction of Israel “no matter how costly it is”

Looking for the allaballawalla?

As Netanyahu subsequently observed, Khamenei’s remarks demonstrate the need for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, whereby its neighbors would at least have to go on record pledging that they will co-exist with Israel as it is, and not simply as a land area for which they have other eventual plans.

“Hamas: ‘Resistance’ against Israel is only option left for Palestinians,” from Haaretz, October 1:


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