Who are the real leaders behind the Wall Street Rally?


Here we see who has been blazing the trail for the Occupy Wall Street insurgents:
 There have been shrill calls from Hussein Obama and his smelly Occupy Wall Street army of collectivists for wealth to be redistributed. Lately they have been getting their request:

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Like so many people, in so many countries, who started out to “spread the wealth,” Hussein Obama has ended up spreading poverty.

  Taxpayers ought to be protesting against having their money spent to educate people who end up unable to say anything beyond repeating political catch phrases. (By Thomas Sowell)

Sexual Opportunities:

Imagine if the degenerate vermin constituting the Occupy Wall Street movement really did represent 99% of America. Sex crimes units would be busy dealing with a lot more of this: Occupy Movement Draws Sex Fiends

In related news,  Hussein Obama has announced of the lawless OWS scum, “we are on their side.”

Protesters Barking up the wrong tree:

Should have left ’em in Iran’s prison:

Freed American Hikers Once Held in Iran Join ‘Occupy Oakland’

Freed American Hikers Once Held in Iran Join ‘Occupy Oakland’

“This is amazing to see our country coming back to life and our city coming together.”

 Obumbler Feels Just Like the American People Feel and Made “All the Right Choices”

Obama wanted this chaos. He incurred more debt then all the other presidents combined — it was a recipe for revolution. That’s what this is, and Obama’s latest speechifying sounds  are dangerously close to that of his mentor, Jeremiah Wright. Obama’s admonishments, insults and condescension are deeply offensive.

The uber-left machine is urging all the fine young clueless cannibals to take the college campuses with demands to unionize the college campuses, ban military recruiters, write off all student loans …..

“…. what I feel is what the American people feel….. People have lost the value of their homes, they’ve lost their jobs, all the struggles and strains that people are going through every day, but even before the crisis the hit, for a decade, people have seen their wages flat line, their incomes flat line. …. (Blame Bush?!)

A fading Hollyweird has-been has managed to draw passing attention to herself by publicly wallowing in her own moonbattery: Susan Sarandon  (Moonbattery)

Iranian Regime Celebrates Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protests–The anti-Semitism of the’Occupy Wall Street’ protests has many people concerned.

That would be the same Occupy Wall Street movement that has been endorsed by the American Nazi Party.

Where’s Kevni?