Peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Holy Man Threatens Geert Wilders With 'Destruction & Humiliation'

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Muslims are peaceful, Wilders is “extremist”

 The Ahmadiyya sect is  persecuted by righteous sunni Muslims, which is a great excuse for seeking asylum in the west. In Europe and elsewhere, they are known for fiercely proselytizing with lame slogans like ‘love for all, hatred for no one’ and eating pork makes you homosexual’.

“His Holiness” Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad  praised Queen Beatrix for being a good dhimmi and threatened Geert Wilders and his party with destruction.

During a recent visit to Holland, the world Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, issued a stark warning to Geert Wilders, the far-right Dutch politician.

 (Geert Wilders is a Social Democrat and a patriot/ed)

He warned Wilders that if he continued to defame Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) then he and other like-minded individuals would be humiliated by God Almighty.

Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said that Wilders had exceeded all limits of falsehood and hatred in his opposition towards Islam. He said Wilders was motivated solely by a desire to further his own political ambitions and so the time had come to warn him about the consequences of his actions. He said that irrespective of whether Wilders gained further political capital in the short term, ultimately his antics would lead only towards abject failure and humiliation.

Addressing Wilders directly, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad said:

“Listen carefully – You, your party and every other person like you will ultimately be destroyed. But the religion of Islam and the message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) will remain forever. No worldly power, no matter how powerful and no matter how much hatred they bear towards Islam, will ever succeed in erasing our religion.”

His Holiness explained that the destruction of such individuals would be achieved through prayer alone and not by any worldly means. He said:

“Always remember, that we can achieve nothing without prayer. We have no worldly power, nor will we ever use any worldly force. But the prayers of people whose hearts have been grieved are enough to shake the Heavens.”

Muslims have never destroyed anything with prayer, but by terror and genocide./ed

Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad also spoke of the many decent people who continued to live in Holland and who rejected wholeheartedly the extremist views perpetuated by Wilders. His Holiness said that all such people who care for the feelings of one another and who believe in religious freedom should come together and launch a campaign for peace in the world.  (Peace under Islam? No thank you.) This is something that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat has long advocated and has been involved with throughout the world. Continue reading →

6 thoughts on “Peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Holy Man Threatens Geert Wilders With 'Destruction & Humiliation'”

  1. The choice is very clear. Hatred of Geert Wilders vs love of humanity. We choose love. Haters will never succeed. No mater how much hate they spread. God will ultimately humiliate them.

  2. What gets me is how that royalty in Holland falls for this kind of SHIT all the time. Wilders made a proposal a month or so ago that the power of the queen and Co. be severly limited in politics or she be excluded altogether. Of course they were miffed that he would even suggest such a thing. But what good is she ? She is the one who cozies up to that two-faced sham artist Prime Min. of Turkey Erdogan. ( he’s all for Eygptian extremist and is hostile towards Israel ) But when it comes to people like him and those who demonize Wilders , the powers or/and citizens of Holland should DEFEND him. What a lot of abuse he has to take because of their ignorance. Islamists are liars, charlatans, spreaders of an immoral infestation called Islam, and the beheaders of the world, yet they say Wilders is a bastard. WE must defend him.

  3. Imams use religion and allah to issue their threats. The threat is not from them but from allah, so they get away with it.

    The only way this totalitarian ideology can be defeated is when Christians take up the fight.

  4. Peaceful wrote: God will ultimately humiliate them.

    Right you are. Truth will triumph over liars and deceit purveyors.

    God will definitely humiliate satan/allah.

  5. Pakistan: Muslim policemen paint over Qur’an inscriptions on Ahmadi graves

    Yet in the United States, Ahmadis like Harris Zafar run interference for the Islamic supremacists who persecute them elsewhere, by attacking and defaming the very people who are standing up to their jihadist persecutors. As Jihad Watch reader David, who sent this in, noted, maybe if tools like Zafar work even harder for the Islamic supremacists in the West, the Islamic supremacists in Pakistan will ease up on persecuting Ahmadis. But probably not.

    “Policemen vandalise graveyard of minority Ahmadi sect,” from PTI, August 19 (thanks to JW):

    Lahore: A graveyard of the minority Ahmadi sect in Pakistan’s Punjab province has allegedly been vandalised by policemen, who used black paint to cover up verses from the Quran inscribed on 64 graves.
    The incident occurred in Hafizabad district, 90 km from Lahore. Policemen painted the tombstones yesterday at the “request” of anti-Ahmadis clerics, who called for the Quranic verses to be removed from the graves.

    The police action has sent shock waves through the 2,500-strong Ahmadi community living in Hafizabad and made them feel vulnerable, Ahmadi leaders said.

    Nasir Javed, the acting chief of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya in Hafizabad, told a news agency that police had called him a few days ago and asked him to remove Quranic verses from the tombstones in the Ahmadi graveyard as it was “hurting the sentiments of Muslims”.

    “We asked them how such verses could be removed as they were not provocative by any means. The police chief of the district said they would do it on their own as the issue could lead to tensions between the two communities,” Javed said.

    “Yesterday we found 64 graves vandalised with black paint, which is outrageous,” he said. He condemned the police action and asked: “If the state is doing this to us, to whom should we turn to for justice?”

    Hafizabad district police chief Waqas Yasin told a news agency that police had acted after receiving a complaint from local clerics.

    “As the Ahmadis are not Muslims, they cannot have Quranic verses inscribed on their tombstones,” he said.

    Police had first asked the Ahmadi community to erase the verses themselves but they did not comply, he said.

    After that, the police had to act, he added.

    Earlier, there was a joint graveyard for Ahmadis and Muslims in the district.

    Following a protest by an extremist group six years ago, the Ahmadis had to separate their graveyard. Pakistan’s Ahmadis consider themselves Muslim but were declared non-Muslims through a constitutional amendment in 1974.

    A decade later, they were barred from proselytising or identifying themselves as Muslims in Pakistan….

    Police in Punjab province have taken action against several Ahmadi mosques this year. They demolished the minarets of an Ahmadi mosque at Kharian city, 200 km from Lahore, last month.

    In March, couplets from the Quran written on tiles at an Ahmadi mosque at Sultanpura in Lahore were removed by police.

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