Andy Choudary & his girlfriend

Remember: in Islam you are not homosexual as long as you are married….

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Persecuted Christians? Don’t expect these pastors to speak up…..  More here.

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The Problem with Islam (David Horowitz)

“The existence of a divine law, ordained by the god of Islam, excludes the possibility of any other kind of law, such as natural law or human law.”

Sharia’s Encroachment into American Courts (American Thinker)

“Sharia stands in opposition to equal protection under the law for both sexes, all religions, all races, and all ethnicities.”

The Vanishing Little Star of Bethlehem (Human Events)

“Some 105,000 Christians are killed annually because of their religious convictions, the vast majority at the hands of radical Muslims.”

Veil of Fear in Europe (Ynet)

There is no longer any denying that freedom of speech has become a casualty to Muslim immigration.

Anti-Fascists for Sharia? (Global Security)

Since when are activists who are in favor of killing apostates, whipping women for not covering up, killing homosexuals and destroying religious liberty entitled to call themselves “anti-fascist”?

Don’t Spit Toward Mecca (

U.S. Marines are being trained to act Muslim.

Muslims and the Crucifix (FrontPage Magazine)

“Where Islam is weak, ‘terrorist-lawyers’ and Islamist organizations like CAIR complain about ‘human rights’ abuses against Muslims; where Islam is dominant, Muslims take matters into their own hands, violating the human rights of others.”

Paris Bombing Message: ‘Offend Us at Your Peril’ (Commentary)

While the post-9/11 Islamophobic backlash was a myth, the very real violence on the part of Muslims in the West is getting to be hard to ignore.

Obama’s ‘Soft’ Approach on Iran Not Working (Telegraph)

Even the British are getting nervous about Obama’s “fiddle while Iran goes nuclear” strategy.

Religion of Rape – in Oslo (INN)

According to Oslo police, every 2010 case of rape by a stranger there involved a Muslim assailant. What a staggering coincidence!