Australia: Full Government Assistance For Islamic Segregation

Tomorrow’s Suicide Bombers Funded With Your Taxes Today

From Aussie Muslims Net:

I would like to Inshaallah inform you that we finally established the first Muslim owned and operated Childcare centre in Perth. Alhumdulilaah its has been operating for the last two months and have thirty students.

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Here, in Undercover Mosque,  you can see what is really going on in these places:

6 thoughts on “Australia: Full Government Assistance For Islamic Segregation”

  1. This facility is in the City of Gosnells. I am a rate paying resident of this local government. The City of Gosnells (suburbs) are already being targeted by the islamic population. In the last council elections there were four muslim candidates, luckily none of them were elected because we know that if any one of them had gotten on the council they would never lose office because the muslims would be instructed by their imams to “block vote” for the muslim candidate. We have islamic schools already and sometimes I wonder at the local shops if I am actually in Australia. The islamic community has also applied to build a mosque in the area. I asked the City of Gosnells to keep me informed about the progress of the application and when it would come before the council but I was denied information because I did not live within 300 metres of the proposed site. I asked to be added to the mailing list of those within the 300 metre area but The City of Gosnells denied my request. I also know that a resident of the City of Gosnells has been threatened and bumped by followers of islam for opposing their application for an ex Catholic school site to be made into a mosque. The City of Gosnells also had to get State Security to a meeting because threats had been made by the islamic community to fire bomb the council chambers. I question strangers in the street about how they feel about islam and it’s followers and most people agree that their is a problem but are too scared to come out and say something. They want something done but don’t want to be called the “r” word and they don’t want to put themselves in the firing line of islamic violence. I have also found out that muslims can make their Australian citizenship oath on the Qua’ran and this makes me furious, don’t our decision makers know that muslims are encouraged by their holy texts to lie and cheat and steal and subjugate and commit acts of violence against us Kuffars. Stop islamic immigration now

  2. OPen Your Eyes,
    Please send you email, with any corroborating evidence to both the press, the police, and the the STATE government. Also get other people to add their names to your letter of compaint against these muslim thugs. The situation will not change if you do nothing further about it!!!

  3. Hi kaw
    I can do no more about this, the person who is directly involved won’t take it further.

  4. yep!! Cory Bernadi is another warrior like Geert Wilders, and Robert Spencer, so is Andrew Bolt! we must encourage them as we also ask them to speak up for all Australians

  5. open your eyes, also get in touch with the Q Society , see if they have a branch in your state. They have been very successful approaching government about islamic issues that infringe upon equality and human rights.

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