Cultural Enrichment & "Disgusting Filthy Abnormalities" in Australia

Arbaeen 2012, Perth, Australia

Another video that requires a strong stomach – a Shiite march through Perth, Oz, in memory of “imam Hussein”

Thanks to Mullah, who advises:

Cultural sensitivity required, as Australia is conquered from within. Better to obsess over pokie machines than the destruction of the nation.

Don’t even mention ‘Globull Worming’, because the gubmint’s new worming tax will keep us safe from dangerous climate change…. so that’s all good. The science is settled, then?

 Filthy, disgusting, abnormalities fear Liberation

Sheik Feiz Mohamed:

  • “They want to Liberate Us from Moral & Ethics to Disgusting Filthy Abnormalities”- God forbid! No such thing in Islam, we all know that…..
  • Democracy of course, in the words of Feiz Mohammed, is‘western filth, western infidelity…’

Little Feiz proves again and again that hate-speech laws are designed to keep him safe from the infidels, not the other way around.

He gets away with incitement and calls for murder:  Feiz Muhammad calls for Geert Wilders beheading after his …


Sydney Gets Education From Egypt

“Not every Muslim is a suicide bomber… allahu akbar!”

Other News from downunder, via Andrew Bolt

“Intercepted” is an abuse of language.  Another year, another stream of boats

Now some in Labor want to give up completely on minding the door….

Cultural Enrichment: There have been dozens of drive-by shootings in the past year, yet few arrests have been made.  Much of the violence has happened around south-western Sydney, an area with a large Lebanese population.

Efficiency in the Age of KRudd:  one job in the car manufacturing industry cost around two average-income jobs in the rest of the economy.

Wilkies Word

Meanwhile, the Da’awa Continues Unhindered
“Real Christians are Muslims”

Australia: Full Government Assistance For Islamic Segregation

Tomorrow’s Suicide Bombers Funded With Your Taxes Today

From Aussie Muslims Net:

I would like to Inshaallah inform you that we finally established the first Muslim owned and operated Childcare centre in Perth. Alhumdulilaah its has been operating for the last two months and have thirty students.

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Here, in Undercover Mosque,  you can see what is really going on in these places:

Perth: Islamic Cleric Preaches Jihad, Praises Taliban as "Angels…"

Just wondering: how did all these “radical Islamic elders” get into the country? And how will we get rid of them?   Who will rid us of this Shiite?

Radical Islamic elder preaching jihad in Perth’s suburbs

Once again, it’s not the “interior spiritual struggle” variety of jihad. The good news in this case is that Muslim community members alerted authorities, though Islam’s texts and traditions will undoubtedly generate this behavior again unless and until they, too, are addressed forthrightly, and not with evasion and denial. “Radical Islamic elder preaching jihad in Perth’s suburbs,” from the Sunday Times, March 28 (thanks to JW):

A RADICAL Islamic elder who praises the Taliban and preaches violent jihad to a band of keen followers is being investigated in Perth by WA and Federal police.

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