Danish High School Students Have "A Great Experience" in Londonistan….

Danish high school students visit Londonistan to learn about Islam

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Looks like there are never enough Muslims in Denmark. The cartoon riots seem to be forgotten.

Islam in Europe  28 students from the 8th and 9th grades of the Regnbueskolen high-school in the Aarhus suburb of Hammel visited the London Central Mosque as part of their London trip.

“It was a great experience! It was experiencing the religion from within, gave us insight into Islam in a totally different way than we had imagined. We think everybody should try it, especially those who are repulsed by other religions, since it was an experience we’ll never forget. To visit the mosque made us understand that people can easily live side by side while respecting each other, but without the same faith and beliefs,” write two of the students, Kristine Frandsen and Alma Fjeldsted.

The visit was organized in advance, and an imam awaited at the mosque’s entrance when the school arrived. Half the students were girls, and they wore headscarves out of respect for Islam. The students took their shoes off and were then brought into the prayer hall.

The students then visited the mosque’s museum, where they were shown the similarities (?) between Christianity and Islam. In the museum the imam offered the girls and female teachers to visit the ladies balcony. A friendly young Muslim woman then showed up to answer their questions on gender equality (gender equality?), Denmark’s headscarf debate, and the conditions, marriage and dress of Muslim women.

“Men aren’t better off then women, but we all have different roles in society. Women are responsible for teaching their children and making food, while men are responsible for honorably providing for their family. I wear a headscarf of my own free will, not because I’m forced to. (But if she doesn’t wear it her minders beat her green and blue and if she still doesn’t wear it out “of her free will” she will be murdered.) I don’t have a right to decide who are real Muslims and who aren’t, but I think it’s disrespectful and see no reason to show off my body in tight pants and low-cut shirts.”

You can brainwash these twats to say anything, literally….

Just a few days ago we posted this da’awa effort in Londonistan, (here from Gallia Watch)

6 thoughts on “Danish High School Students Have "A Great Experience" in Londonistan….”

  1. I think the look in their faces says it all – amusement mixed with contempt. I suspect that a PC reporter modifed their comments to agree with the establishments point of view.

  2. Sad, very very sad. All I see, is that the parents have turned their children over to death.
    Islam has no future.

  3. Yes, Waterwillows, very sad to turn their children over to death, especially their daughters.
    Please stop this indoctrination.

    The truth about Islam is coming out. No longer a place to hide for it’s hate and it’s war on democracy.

  4. This is child abuse. No right-minded, sensible parent would allow their child to be spoken to by a Muslim about Islam inside a mosque our any setting. I’d take legal action if it was done without me being aware of it beforehand.

  5. “where they were shown the similarities (?) between Christianity and Islam.”

    Christianity “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the law and the prophets..Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. there are no commandments greater than these”

    Islam “Muhammad is the prophet of Allah – the former moon-god of the Arabs of Mecca” and we will kill you or subjugate you if you do not believe that. 109 verses in the Quran calling for war on the unbelievers.

    This is sickening brainwashing of children, quite rightly described as child abuse by Ron, into a deceiving, hate-spewing, murderous cult similar to the communist indoctrination and mind control of the past.

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