Fly Islamic Airlines or Take a Camel!

Yet another Muselputz causes a major disturbance  on a western Airline. Ever since the flying imam’s managed to blackmail and extract compo in the first  litigation jihad these cases are multiplying. The only way to deal with this is separation: we need to insist that Muselmaniacs go on a magic carpet ride  or fly Islamic airlines. And why did this headbanger travel to Norway anyway?

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(AP/ The Egyptian Fadil Suleiman was thrown off the plane on the way to give speeches at the Al-Nor-mosque and participate in a debate in Tromsø.

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The prominent Egyptian presenter Fadil Suleiman was to give lectures on Islam and terrorism in Tromsø and debate with Islam critic Hege Storhaug. But yesterday he had to stay in Oslo, when he was thrown off the plane on the way to Tromso.

Although Suleiman has given his version of what happened in the great Egyptian social news site BRQ on Facebook. According to him, although he behaved at all times calm and polite to the cabin staff and claim they were subjected to discrimination.

– Suspicious

According to SAS, several of his fellow passengers have responded to the speaker’s behavior. He must have been very nervous and have continued to use his laptop computer after the cabin crew had given orders that all electronic equipment must be switched off completely.

– He was behaving suspiciously. He was aggressive and threatening, said information officer Knut Morten Johansen of SAS to VG Nett.


According to Suleiman’s own version of the story he was polite to have complied with the requirement to turn off his laptop, but said he would appeal if he had the opportunity to do so.

While the purser on board the aircraft allegedly talked to the rest of the crew, Suleilman then allegedly used his mobile phone, which was supposed to be turned off.

– This was followed by another confrontation where he refused to confirm that his mobile and PC were turned off, according to Johansen.

After consulting with the captain, it turns out that the plane can not take off with him on board, says Johansen. He was then asked to get off.

He then allegedly began to make trouble:

– He did not resist physically, but was quite unpleasant verbally, Johansen of SAS reports to VG Nett.


For denying the Muslim speaker and accused the SAS of racism.

– Fortunately, I know that racists are not going to heaven, says Suleiman in a post on Facebook. 

SAS rejects the racism allegations.

– For it is only to say that this has nothing with racism to do. It’s not about skin color and background, but general awareness, information officer, said Johansen.


The speaker would rather stay in Oslo, after he refused to fly further with SAS on the same day and also refused to buy a new ticket from Norwegian (air).

– This is embarrassing. He travels all over the world and has just been in Sri Lanka and Kuwait. He knows how to behave on a plane, says Sandra Maryam Moe from the Alnor mosque in Tromso who had invited the speaker.

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  1. The musim scum bag refused to follow rules which are in place for the saefety of all. Kick him off every flight after he is deported from Norway. Bloody ignorant islamist.

    Sandra Moe, SAS’s response is not embarrasing – it was necessary – the fact that the muslim ratbag was allowed into Norway is embarassing!!! And NO, the moron does not know how to travel on an aircraft!!!!

    It is pretty clear the mullsim parasite was involved in the “arab spring” or should i call it “arab winter” in some way, and felt he had earned some prestige points in order to behave like a pig on European airlines. By being told to behave the looser felt his pathetic “honor” was damaged – but of course as an islamist he has NO honor – he has nothing.

  2. no honor you got that right. if they do have any thing they get it with social programs. and theft. because they don’t know any other way. put them in a field with mexicans and let him work for what ever he wants. or better yet let him do with out. oh he has muslim friends they will take care of him. but they want share with anybody else.

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