France: Religion of Hostage Takers Takes France Hostage

But first the good news:

French Mayor: “We’ve Been Taken Hostage”  (Islam vs Europe)

This interview with Xavier Lemoine (UMP, Sarkozy’s party) appeared in France Soir, whose owner recently announced that he would be voting for Marine Le Pen.

FRANCE-SOIR The study from the Institut Montaigne declares that Islam has taken power in our banlieues. Do you share this analysis?

XAVIER LEMOINE Yes! I’ve been saying it for years. Islam has installed itself in our districts. We’re finally becoming aware of it. Except the remedies proposed by the Institut Montaigne – putting more money into the districts – aren’t the good ones. For thirty years we’ve been putting lots of money into the banlieues. The problem is that the republic makes no demands vis-à-vis the populations who are welcomed here. Once installed in France, many of them continue to live and conduct themselves as in their country of origin, with their own languages and customs, rejecting our values, our history and our culture.


F.-S. Do you have examples?

X. L. In my town, we’ve spent enormous sum on integration for the foreign populations. But families who’ve been living in France for 10, 20 or 25 years still don’t speak French. They don’t want to integrate and the republic lets them be. Result: a multitude of ethnic communities live here in total autarchy, among themselves, outside of our rules and our values.

F.-S. But our country is very attached to its republic values!

X. L. Yes, but thanks to do-gooderism we have left these communities to organise themselves. Under the pretext of respecting their cultures, we haven’t demanded respect for our culture. We have been taken hostage. What I’m saying is neither racism nor discrimination. It’s common sense. We need to defend the values that have made France what it is.

F.-S. Refusing to integrate, what does that mean?

X. L. For example, not speaking French. The majority of children in the districts don’t speak French at home. They speak the language and watch the television of their parents’ country of origin. In the playgrounds in my town, there are 40 to 50 different nationalities. And there, too, each speaks the language of their parents’ origins. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, these same children are taken care of by the Koran schools or the associations maintained by their embassies. The public institutions are used less and less.

F.-S. What are the consequences for the young people?

X. L. Raised in their communitarian ghettos, they don’t adhere to our values. And when they arrive in the world of work, they’re not “employable”. It’s not a question of training, but of “savoir être”, behaviour, social codes.

F.-S. What are the consequences for our country?

X. L. It’s the break-up of the Republic! The politicians, the associations and the medias need to understand that we’re not in the country of Bisounours (CareBears). Recently, an imam came to see me and said: “Mister mayor, in 2014 you might be re-elected, but in 2020 it will be us. It’s mathematics, because we will be the majority.”

F.-S. I don’t understand…

X. L. This imam was referring to the demographic swing which, in his view, is occurring in France. Already, in Seine-Saint-Denis, what do we see? Of the 1.5 million inhabitants listed, 500,000 have a residence permit, 500,000 are French by right of birth or naturalisation and thus without any French ancestry, the 500,000 others, French people with French roots, rather elderly and “on the move”. Now the birth rate of the first two-thirds is double that of the last third. It’s unavoidable. The demographic tipping point is being reached, as Christopher Caldwell describes very well in his recent book, “Reflections on the Revolution in Europe”.

F.-S. That’s a taboo subject there. What do you propose?

X. L. France must demand three things from the populations that come here: knowledge of French, knowledge of and respect for our customers, and knowledge of and respect for our history. Currently that’s not the case, and it’s dangerous. We don’t even teach our history any more in school. It’s time to be clear-sighted and responsible.

F.-S. What would you do if some people refuse to submit to your three requirements?

X. L. I was recently in Denmark and Sweden. There (countries that culturally are rather left-wing), foreigners have six months to learn the language of the country, its founding values and its history. If you don’t have these three essential elements, you don’t get access to the registration number that gives you the right to social security, benefits, housing, work.

F.-S. Is if possible to impose these three criteria on foreigners in France?

X. L. Of course it’s possible! It’s even indispensable if we believe in our values. When I’ve spoken in private to elected representatives of the left, they agree with me. On the ground, the left-wing mayors are making the same observation that I am. They’ve already changed the discourse inside the PS (Socialist Party)… even if they don’t dare say it publicly.

Source: France Soir

The hostage metaphor is a good one, which I’ve used before. The attitude of the European elites towards Islam strongly resembles Stockholm Syndrome.


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  1. No longer necessary to teach French history – in France?

    Not one single word about Napoleon The Emperor in the new history program for school
    Instead, the new history books are teaching a myth about a Malian king who may have existed.

    Less and less French history, and more and more Arab African history for pupils in France

    “There is nothing more insidious than trying to make a people’s history disappear. Unless you are preparing for that people to disappear itself ” (RMC)

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