If only they would walk into a murky pond together….

But don’t you call me nasty. What they are doing to us is a million times worse.

Some impressions of these past 24 hours:

– Julia Gillard is fawning over this US president like I’ve seen no other Prime Minister do over past presidents. But that’s forgiven in a Labor leader.

– Obama is more popular here than at home. Australia is inspired by a black man being president, and the media is delighted he’s of the Left. (Being clueless is no excuse for being stoopid.)

How much more can you stomach?

He can’t stop knockin’ the US of A:  Obama bad-mouthed the United States during a visit to an Australian high school, telling teenagers that the United States has “fallen behind” in education….FOX Nation

Obama today:

The U.S. has no stronger ally than Australia, bound by common values and rights.

Obama in Canada in February 2009:

I love this country and I think that we could not have a better friend and ally.

Obama in July, 2010:

In short, the United States has no closer ally and no stronger partner than Great Britain.

Obama in January:

We don’t have a stronger friend and stronger ally than Nicolas Sarkozy, and the French people.

Obama in April 2009:

Korea is one of America’s closest allies and greatest friends.

Obama in August:

As Indian people celebrate Republic Day, they should know that they have no better friend and partner than the people of the United States.

Gillard in 2005:

Australians want to be Australians. “We’re not little Americans. We’re Australians,” she said.

Perhaps she changed. But don’t forget the hypocrisy!

2 thoughts on “If only they would walk into a murky pond together….”

  1. Obama went to great lengths at the dinner in his honor and at Parliament House to remind everyone that he was born in Hawaii

  2. Julia Gillard is always all over foreign male politicians. When she comes to NZ , she is all over John Key like a rash. It is embarrassing and inappropriate. What happened to just shaking hands??

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