Its Muslims Who Invented the Yellow Star to Discriminate Against Jews

Dhimmis were  forced to wear distinctive clothing. In the ninth century, for example, Baghdad’s Caliph al-Mutawakkil designated a yellow badge for Jews, setting a precedent that would be followed centuries later in Nazi Germany. Now it somehow suits Muslims to pretend they are “the new Jews”:

Swiss Muslims’ protest with yellow star called ‘idiotic’

 BERLIN (JTA) –– Muslims in Switzerland used a yellow star to protest discrimination, irking local Jewish leaders.

Some 2,000 people showed up for the Oct. 29 demonstration in Bern initiated by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland, a  conservative Islamic organization, to protest anti-Muslim discrimination. Protesters wore a yellow star sticker printed with the word “Muslim” reminiscent of the one that the Nazis forced Jews to wear during the Third Reich. Some protesters constructed a plastic model of a mosque with minarets, which are banned in Switzerland.

Oh the irony!

Inflatable religion: Inflated as the cult of Islam is, in Bern they are using inflated minarets in defiance of the minaret ban.

These are pictures of the inflatable minaret the Muslims used at the demo against Islamophobia in Switzerland yesterday. They show the minaret raised defiantly against the Swiss Parliament building.  (thanks to Cheradenine Zakalwe)

Edith Bino, president of the Jewish community in Bern, told the Basler Times that she found the use of the yellow star “so obviously wrong that it could not be taken seriously.” And Yves Kugelmann, editor in chief of the Jewish newspaper Tachles, said he found the choice of symbols “simply idiotic.”

“It is regrettable when legitimate concerns are raised using false comparisons,” Kugelmann told the Basler Times. He said that discrimination against Muslims is a theme that must be taken seriously in Switzerland, “but not in this cheap way.”

The choice of symbolism irked Muslim groups as well: Two mainstream Muslim organizations reportedly stayed away from the demonstration as a result.

Nicolas Blancho, head of the Islamic Central Council, defended his choice of symbols, telling the Tages Anzeiger newspaper that “Muslims are treated as second-class citizens and are discriminated against, for example because they wear a headscarf or because of their name when they look for an apprenticeship or are looking for an apartment.”

Among the speakers were British journalist Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Booth, who has converted to Islam and wears a veil, told demonstrators she sensed that Bern citizens had glared at her as she passed them on the street.

14 thoughts on “Its Muslims Who Invented the Yellow Star to Discriminate Against Jews”

  1. muslims are not threaded ad second class citizens,…muslims are grab that we must ……….

  2. Boo-bloody- hoo! Poor, poor muslims, they really are the most oppressed, put-upon people on earth. Glad they don’t treat others that way. If they did, where would we be, eh?

  3. Muslims really are PATHETIC. Consequences of some recent dealing with the ROP – make your own conclusions

    Amusing is the converstation of the emergy operator with a passenger or staff-member. I think emergency services need to do some work to streamline their proceedures – the operator is not at fault but the proceedures she has been instructed to use are clearly inappropriate for emergency situations.

  4. it is muslims them selves who make them selves second class citzens , they dont intergrate and they dont want to , all they do is demand demand demand. enough is enough

  5. Oh how sweet, the muslims are wearing a yellow box-thingy as retribution for 1400 years of persecuting the Jews.

    People, every time you see some nice muslim wearing one of these – please go and tell them you support their support of the Jews and find it brave of them to admit to being part of the problem.

    If you meet them in Switzerland, it will be enough to say: “Wie tapfer Sie sind, sich für 1400 Jahre Judenverfolgung zu entschuldigen!”

  6. A sharp stanley knife will put paid to their dopey inflatable minarets.
    Ban those as well. Prosecute the company that made em.
    muslims have no place in Switzerland anyway, $%#@#$$%%^ ’em off.
    Thats what i say.

  7. The Swiss should be putting their Swiss Cross on everything, not taking it off, as they have done on Swiss army knives.

  8. The Internet is awash with reports of the ever ongoing persecution of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists etc in Muslim controlled countries. There is not one of the 56 nations of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation where non-Muslims enjoy the same freedoms that Muslims do in Western democracies. In many they are attacked, killed, decapitated, raped, kidnapped and forced to marry Muslims. They suffer false accusations of desecrating the Quran and blaspheming against Allah and Muhammad. Their homes, businesses and places of worship are attacked and destroyed.

    Muhammad the self-proclaimed ‘Prophet and Messenger killed all who spoke out against him and with the support of his booty and sex motivated followers, he lied, plotted, tortured, killed, robbed, ransomed and raped his way to absolute political and religious power.

    The Muslims in the West would benefit from reading the Quran, Sunnah and Sirah and learning what their so-called ‘Prophet’ was really like. He certainly was not the perfect man and the example to be followed.

    Islam is a far, far, far greater threat to the future well-being of mankind than Fascism or Communism ever were.

  9. It is the non-Muslims in the 56 nations of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation who suffer the REAL persecution

  10. Hey Muslims don’t discriminate against other religions in their native countries, they also allow freedom of speech and everybody is Welcome in countries under Islam law, so why do they complain about treatment like that in Europe, where they have halal meat, mosque and where they can demand others to respect their religious view. Also when they cant live with each other – the west has to come to their aid and fight their battles and the loosing party in the battle will kill innocent people in your native country. The only religion in the world that has fought more wars than all other religions put together. The are really being discriminated against don’t you think

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