Kenya: Muslims murder two in grenade attack at church; Muslims blame… Robert Spencer!

See? Muslims are the new Jews, and those who resist jihad are just like Nazis. You remember all those Jewish grenade attacks on German churches in the 1930s, don’t you?

Comparing Julius Streicher with Robert Spencer  while murdering Jews and Christians every day? You gotta be a Loonwatch dolt or a psycho-killer to cook that up!

The attempt to portray Muslims as innocent victims of bigotry and hatred depends upon popular ignorance of the extent of Islamic jihad activity. That’s why this site exists: to help remedy that ignorance. And that’s why this site drives those who aid and abet the global jihad and Islamic supremacism — especially those who do so by billowing out fogs of disinformation and misinformation about “Islamophobia” and the evil Nazis persecuting poor innocent Muslims — absolutely up the wall. (Good morning, Ibe! Good evening Loonturds!)

“2 Die in Grenade Attack at Kenya Church,” from the Associated Press, November 6 (thanks to JW):

WAJIR, Kenya (AP) — Two people were killed in a suspected al-Shabab attack at a church in an eastern Kenyan town, a police official said Sunday.Kenyan police chief Leo Nyongesa said that a woman and her two grandchildren were also injured when attackers hurled a grenade at the Pentecostal Church in Garissa late Saturday.

Ibrahim Makunyi, the head pastor at the church, said the house near the entrance of the church that belonged to a church elder had been bombed.

“One of the dead is a member of the choir, and the other is the son of the church elder,” he said.

Witness Mary Nginya said that after the explosion she heard attackers say “It is just the beginning,” in Swahili….

Oh, I am sure that is true. Not that the world will note that fact with any solicitude for the victims or measures directed toward preventing future jihad attacks.


Kenya has already implemented sharia, thanks to Hussein Obama:

As a result,  Saudi funded mosque’s are  now spreading like AIDS.

“The Saudis and their accomplices know exactly what they’re doing. They don’t want a “separate but equal” system. Separate and unequal does the trick, creating a sense of deprivation, of being cheated, among Muslims and driving a wedge down the middle of fragile societies. The last thing the bigots of the Arabian Peninsula want to see would be prosperous, patriotic, well-integrated Muslim communities in Africa.

Nor is this slow-motion jihad confined to the coast. It takes still uglier forms in the interior. Saudi money and arms smuggled from Yemen keep tribal strife alive in northern Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia and, of course, Somalia.”

Kenya: “Islamists” attack church in northern town in effort to seize land for mosque

“Jewish” like  imam Rauf, Hussein Obama and the blood libel matzoh:

Regular readers may recall ourhonorary Jew’ Yusuf Irfan  from the  ‘Yusuf rubs it’ series, who had the hide to compare  himself to Gandhi:

Some offerings from “the new Jews”

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