Move over, whitey!

Lets get rid of ourselves to make room for the Mohammedan proletariat.

2 articles from Cheradenine Zakalwe:

The propaganda for the European genocide is in full swing this week.

Europeans needs to let alien immigrants invaders colonise their countries because otherwise there won’t be enough workers around to pay for their pensions. But at the same time, Europeans need to have fewer children themselves. The xenomaniac elite are quite happy to deploy two completely contradictory arguments.

ONE of Scotland’s most eminent scientists has argued that couples in the UK should have no more than two children to help tackle the world’s soaring population.

 “British Couples Should Have No More than Two Children to Speed up Their Genocide by Substitution

Bergen zoology professor  Harald Kryvi:

Something tells me we should get rid of zoology professor Kryvi…..

Looks like the soldiers of allah can’t wait much longer:

On Mayotte, a Muslim  island near the Comoros that actually voted to be part of France (for the welfare)  there’s an Atmosphere of ‘Hunt the Whites’ 

The Muslim island is rioting for more French welfare. Lots more: Mayotte Riots

…. and we haven’t even been to South Africa yet: 

“Lets get rid of ourselves to make room for the Koranimals”

Europeans should commit suicide faster to set an example to all those prolific, irresponsible brown people. This is the verdict of a Norwegian professor who calls the world’s population growth a ‘catastrophe’. Of course, Europeans are virtually the only people whose numbers are actually declining. But not fast enough for the professor.

“We’re behaving like spoiled egoists,” a University of Bergen zoology professor has said of a world too busy to contemplate the perils of the world’s rocketing population growth.

As the world’s population topped 7 billion people on Monday, Professor Harald Kryvi said something needed to be done to counter the strain on the environment.

“There are two things we need to do — We must dare to discuss the problems that come from population growth, and we must provide (birth control) to areas where growth is biggest,” Kryvi told newspaper Bergens Tidende.

The professor points to the large-scale stripping of resources and climate change as warning signs that there are too many people on Earth.

“People talk about the effects of climate change. They don’t talk about the cause,” he said.

Politicians, he warned, were too fearful of “religious leaders” to begin talking about the need for more contraception in some parts of the world.

To set an example, Norwegians should not have more than two children, he said.

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  1. that imbecile should be eutanized, all of the academia imbeciles should be shot dead to set an example, bunch of imbecilic assholes

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