Muselmanic Diversity Plague

Thanks to the Religion of Peace, BCF & PI

The trouble with ‘moderate’ Muslims:

“I came to Canada not to live in a muslim country”

No First Amendment rights for Tea Party

Obama’s totalitarians  don’t like competition. Maybe if the tea party starts camping and stinking up the place they will get attention.

Germany: No Moe Stinking up the Park From January

Muselmaniacs will no longer be allowed to practice halal slaughter and grill their sacrificial goats in Berlins Tiergarten from January 2012. (It was never permitted in the first place, but somehow ‘tolerated’) Koranimals are enraged…..

Resisting Islam Causes Jihad:

No, you can’t make this s#it up:
A Catholic? A Baptist?  A Presbyterian perhaps?
British Red Cross bans Christmas so as not to ‘offend’ Muslims
Won’t be long before they ban themselves so as not to ‘offend’ Muslims. Watch this space!
UK DAILY MAIL  The charity’s politically-correct move triggered an avalanche of criticism and mockery last night – from Christians. Christine Banks, a volunteer at a Red Cross shop in New Romney, Kent, said: ‘We put up a nativity scene in the window and were told to take it out. It seems we can’t have anything that means Christmas. We’re allowed to have some tinsel but that’s it. ‘When we send cards they have to say season’s greetings or best wishes. They must not be linked directly to Christmas.  When we asked we were told we must not upset Muslims.’ (BNI)

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  1. EuroMed – Southern Eurabia
    Summit, Istanbul, 16-18 November 2011

    – Huge immigration plan, where national sovereignty is nullified
    The grounds for new national movements have been laid.

    “The countries involved are Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritania, Tunisia, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Monaco and the European Union member states.”

    “Establish a new European policy, as well as consistent policies in the individual countries of the EU, on immigration.”

    ” The creation, at European level, of a special fund for the provision of financial assistance to refugees”

    “- Establishing a partnership for mobility”

    – “All the above calls for a number of urgent decisions to be made, above and beyond the emergency measures already drawn up for the member states affected by the migratory flows, in order to establish a new European policy, as well as consistent policies in the individual countries of the EU, on immigration.”

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