A Occupy roundup from Tim Blair. This is a movement that seems to be drowning in its own urine, almost literally.

Most have figured out by now that the smelly losers comprising the Occupy Wall Street movement are clueless tools being exploited as pawns by Obama and his Big Union backers. To get an idea of how clueless, watch as a moonbat confesses without shame that she has no idea what the sign she’s been told to brandish even means: (Moonbattery)

Occupy Protester Has No Idea What Sign She’s Holding


This is NOT a joke:

NYC: Hamas-Linked CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood Groups Demand, “Pray” For End to Law Enforcement Measures to Fight Islamic Terrorism

Occu-Muzzies demand freedom from surveillance and persecution…. and freedom to continue terrorizing unbelievers….

Peter King Says That Occupiers Are Living In ‘Feces And Urine’

 Congressman Peter King continued his verbal assault on Occupy Wall Street, appearing on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show and three times accuses the protesters of living in “feces and urine.” 

Mr. King also said that  “there was nothing admirable about these demonstrators,” who he called “a bunch of malcontents.”

The Troops in Iraq have a Suggestion:

Via Urban Infidel


God bless our military. (GWP)   The Brigade has another photo.