Ron Paul stuck on stoopid

Crazy uncle Ron Paul is a moron. He not only runs with enemy propaganda, he literally hijacks the Arab agenda. Ron Paul is a simpleton and a tool.

Here’s where it comes from, the roots of Ron Paul’s views are becoming clearer:

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad is a Muslim academic infil-traitor who served formerly as a Ron Paul adviser in 2008, and perhaps later:

Among other articles rationalizing Islam, Dr. Ahmad has written about the US actions which he claims caused al-Qaeda’s aggression towards the US.

Here he goes again. Ron Paul and Barack Obama agree that jihad terrorism is our fault, caused by our actions, and capable of being ended by something that we do. It never occurs to either of them how ethnocentric and condescending this is: they both assume that Muslims are just passive reactors to American enormities, not people who might be able to think for themselves and hate us for reasons of their own that are independent of what we do or don’t do — such as the doctrine of jihad.

“Ron Paul: ‘Flawed’ US policies led to 9/11,” by Justin Sink for The Hill, November 20 (thanks to JW):

Ron Paul said that American policymakers were at least partially at fault for the country being attacked on 9/11 during a discussion of foreign policy on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday.Paul argued that the American military presence in Saudi Arabia – rather than ideological differences or anger over American prosperity – were motivation for the September 11 hijackers.

“Just remember that immediately after 9/11, we removed the base in Saudi Arabia, our policies definitely had an influence,” Paul said. “To argue the case they want to do us harm because we’re free and prosperous I think is a very dangerous notion, because it’s not true.”

Host Bob Schieffer then pressed Paul on whether that wasn’t the equivalent of blaming America for the attacks.

“If you have a flawed policy, that may have influenced it… that’s a far cry from blaming America,” Paul responded.

“So what you’re saying is that it was the government’s fault,” Schieffer then said.

“I’m saying the policymaker’s fault,” Paul responded. “[They] contributed to it, contributed to it.”

Paul went on to say that if he became president, he would pull troops out of overseas bases, arguing that submarines and long-range missiles would work just as well as deterrents.

“Absolutely, and the people are with me on that, those troops oversees aggravate our enemies,” Paul said….

Yes, indeed, just as American troops aggravated the Nazis in Europe in 1944 and 1945.

“I think the greatest danger for us now is to overreact… Iran doesn’t have a bomb, there’s no proof, and for us to overreact and talk about bombing Iran is much more dangerous,” Paul said….

Ron Paul should read Sultan Knish:

The Dangers of Legitimizing Muslim Grievances

There is no surer path to Muslim violence than through the legitimization of Muslim grievance. And once you accept the legitimacy of the grievance, then you are also bound to accept the legitimacy of the violence that follows. (Must read, continue…)

New York: Muslims protest counter-terrorism

It is noteworthy that we have never, in ten years since 9/11, seen Muslims anywhere in the U.S. mount a demonstration of comparable size against Islamic jihad terrorism and the supposed “hijacking” of Islam by terrorists. Even worse, the protesters failed to explain how they would propose to stop Islamic jihad terrorism in the U.S. without this kind of vigilance.

Among the reasons are 6 reasons listed below. The quotation is taken from Dr. Ahmad’s article:

“Our leaders say he and his followers hate us because of who we are, because we have early primaries in Iowa every four years and allow women in the workplace. That’s nonsense. I don’t think he would have those things in his country. But that’s not why he opposes us. I read bin Laden’s writings and I take him at his word. He and his followers hate us because of specific aspects of U.S. foreign policy. Bin Laden lays them out for anyone to read. Six elements: our unqualified support for Israel; our presence on the Arabian peninsula, which is land they deem holy; our military presence in other Islamic countries; our support of foreign states that oppress Muslims, especially Russia, China and India; our long-term policy of keeping oil prices artificially low to the benefit of Western consumers but the detriment of the Arab people; and our support for Arab tyrannies who will do that.” (emphasis added)

The quotation is originally by Michael Scheuer, but Dr. Ahmad quotes it approvingly. Dr. Admad is affiliated with many organizations, among which are Islamic-American Zakat Foundation (” a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt religious and charitable organization which primarily serves poor and needy Muslims in the United States”) , and Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim–Christian Understanding.

Please note that Zakat, the Muslim claim to charity, only satisfies a Muslim’s obligation if it is given to Muslims. In other words, official Muslim charities would have to help non-Muslims “off the books”, so to speak.

Anyway, this is where Ron Paul is getting his advice and views on Islam and the Middle East. Ron Paul apparently has not taken the initiative to explore other points of view, or to investigate the very real Muslim political and demographic threat to the US, Canada, and Europe.


“Muslims to NYPD: ‘Respect us, we will respect you,’” from the Associated Press, November 18 (thanks to JW):

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  1. Home RUN, Sheik!!!!! You hit it out of the ball park with this one. RP is certifiably insane and has no business “representing” Americans, but rather should be handcuffed in a strait jacket and left in a rubber room somehwere where he will be forgotten.

    His son, strangely enough, actually has half a clue! But he is a developing story at this time.

    It’s amazing that out of all the ambulance chasers “debating” the other night ONLY ONE stood up and told the truth. Only one had the courage to “call a spade a spade” (so to speak) and he was quickly belittled by Ron Paul.

    That person was RICK SANTORUM.

    Mr. Santorum suggested that we concentrate on Muslims as risks to the homeland, and he is RIGHT ON!

    Of course, Ron Paul shreiked “Timothy McVeigh” at the top of his lungs, so as to present one of the few examples of domestic attacks committed by a non-muslim.

    But what about Fort Hood, Detroit, and all the other attacks we have absorbed since 9/11 from muzzies? RP wouldn’t DARE mention these!

    He over-simplifies the danger to us all and as such, shirks his responsibility as a leader. And now, wants to be an even bigger leader?

    He needs to be tried as a TRAITOR, and suffer a traitor’s end!

    1. CAIR condemns Rick Santorum for promoting religious profiling

      A national subversive Muslim group is calling out Rick Santorum for supporting religious profiling against Muslims, and appealed Wednesday to the Republican Party to rebuke Santorum for his views.

      In a national security debate Tuesday, the former Pennsylvania senator and GOP presidential candidate said he would support profiling Muslims at airport checkpoints as a tactic to protect against terrorist attacks.

      “Obviously Muslims would be someone you’d look at, absolutely,” Santorum said. “The radical Muslims are the people who are committing these crimes, by and large, as well as younger males – not exclusively, but these are things that you profile to find your best, most likely candidates.”

      The Council on American-Islamic Relations pointed to a number of other comments Santorum has made about Islam and Sharia law, and called for the GOP candidates to reject rhetoric that denigrates Islam.

      “Last night, Rick Santorum casually tossed aside every American’s constitutional right to equal protection under the law in favor of discriminatory profiling of Muslims,” Corey Saylor, the group’s legislative director, said in a news release. “Mr. Santorum’s obvious lack of appreciation for the Constitution and for the rejection of profiling by top law enforcement experts raises reasonable questions about his ability to lead our multi-faith nation.”

      The Hill, 23 November 2011

  2. I guess I am going to have to be a bit more brief on my comments…..the one before the last one got deleted for some reason?????

  3. OK. What I was trying to say was:
    1.) Ron Paul is insane and should suffer a traitor’s end.
    2.) Rick Santorum is the only one with the courage to tell the truth and point the blame accurately at muzzies.
    3.) I will try not to bloviate.

  4. every time I like something that guy’s supporter’s come and say something about him, even if it’s not related, they are rude. down with them.

  5. I didn’t see any Ron Paul supporters say anything rude like “stuck on stoopid” , the red meat that got you here. Even if they did that’s not Ron Paul. He is overly curtious.I never heard him interrupt any of the fatuous statements or complain during the debate about the 89 seconds he got from the statists. I think he is too curtious.

    But as a Ron Paul supporter I don’t want to disappoint you. Are you enjoying your forever wars? Just go on supporting those other perpetual war advocates on the stage like a bunch of lemmings while China and India quietly go around buying resources and making friends. They have systems that are flawed compared to ours but smart people can make bad ideas work and stoopid jerks like you can take a great country like this and make if fail.

  6. I presume you didn’t read the article before sounding off, Bob D.

    Reading comprehension problems causes ‘stoopid jerks like you’ ….


    you are not restricted re lines.

    Our spam-filter is on ‘high’ so when you notice that comments don’t appear drop us an e-mail so we can fish it out.

  7. Good luck with that slandering campaign, zio-shills…(shakes head)
    I just hope sites like these are still up a few years down the road; wither way, they’ll be good for a laugh.

  8. Hello Sheik,

    Did not know that Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad was Ron Paul’s advisor, thanks for sharing that. As a Libertarian, and as much as I like Dr. Paul’s emphasis on Austrian Economics- I have to admit that his foriegn policy views swing way too far to the left.

    Am not sure that the neo-cons were any better. During the Bush years, both father and son, while waging wars in the mid east were befriending the Saudi aristocracy. Now these so called allies are coming to the west with their petrols, building their mosques, and smiling in our faces pretending to be our friends. Agree or disagree with Dr. Paul, at least he is honest about his views.

  9. Mohammedans and the loony left are always playing the victim and the Race Card. This is just one more example. The overwhelming majority of Terrorist crimes committed in the World are done by ‘Eastern’ looking men in their 20’s. Almost exclusively they are committed in the name of ISLAM. So NOT to profile such people getting on aircraft would be a crime against humanity and completely ignoring the “human rights’ of passengers to continue living. Putting your head in the sand and chanting na! na! na! na! cant hear you like Ron Paul and his supporters do is an example of sublime stupidity.

  10. “Respect us”, they say.
    That means “allow us to conquer your country, kill non-Muslims, and plunder, rape, and destroy every vestige of Western culture therein!”

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