UK: 'Asians' Again….

‘Asians’ spit in the faces of poppy sellers

the three Asian hoodies — all said to be aged about 12 — took a poppy from a box held by Bethany Holmes and spat on it before spitting into her face three times  (the Sun)

 Muselman comes out ‘first’

A crooked court clerk who helped at least 53 offenders escape justice yesterday became the first person to be jailed under new bribery laws.   Munir Patel, 22, received a three-year prison term for taking bribes.

New Law Will Force Brits to Love Muslims

 Sayeeda Warsi is promoting a new organisation to be called the Muslim Leadership Council or Panel (MLC), which she argues should be strongly represented in a new government working group on anti-Muslim hatred. 

“Four Men”– (must be the four Mosqueteers)

 U.K.: “Four men” charged with “fundraising for the purposes of terrorism”

Tiny Minority of Extremists, plus four: an update on this story. “UK police charge four with terrorism offenses,” from Reuters, November 18:

Four Metropolitan Police officers stabbed in London

Four police officers have been stabbed after being called to a disturbance in north-west London.

Witnesses said a man had been chased by police in and out of shops before he fled into a butchers, grabbed a knife and attacked the officers.  Two of the PCs were seriously hurt and one suffered a broken hand during Saturday’s incident in Kingsbury Road.

The BBC’s Sangita Myska says there is a “sombre mood” at the scene…..

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