UNESCO Promotes Syria to Human Rights Position


The Israeli newspaper Maariv reported yesterday that the UNESCO committee on human rights had accepted Syria as a member:

Israel has now responded, according to the news website Israeltoday.co.il:

“We are talking about an outrageous absurdity,” one Israeli official told Israel Radio. “UNESCO is legitimizing Syria [as a human rights champion] even as it is slaughtering its own people.”  (eye on the world)

For once they don’t blame da Jooozzz:  “It was the United States that destroyed Syrian democracy in 1949 when the CIA sponsored the first coup in the country ending democratic rule”

 The frightening thing about this article is that its not written by some delusional, primitive headbanger in the M.E.   It is written by  Joseph Massad ,  Associate Professor of Modern Arab Politics and Intellectual History at Columbia University in New York.

The wonderful UN (video)

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander killed in an explosion at an ammunition depot west of Tehran last week died while testing an intercontinental missile…

Iran Revolutionary Guard Commander Killed in Explosion was Testing Intercontinental Missile

“The project was in the final testing phase.”

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