78% of UK Muslims oppose freedom of speech

That’s why they don’t have a place in the west. In the final analysis, there is no alternative to internment and mass-deportations, because resisting Islam causes jihad and the free people of the west will not put up with terror and destruction.  Censorship, dictatorship and a return to the middle ages is just not on.

We shall not submit.

2 thoughts on “78% of UK Muslims oppose freedom of speech”

  1. MOSLEM britain, its NOT their britain, and mo-pedo was a PEDOPHILE, so hurtful and offensive but stoning, raping, beheading, child brides, child rape is perfectly ok, cartoons = world moslem riots, human rights = meh – primitive cult, all they are, deportation is the best solution, they will NEVER integrate, they will keep pushing and bitching and eventually push too far, thus a civil war will be waged.

  2. Kinda amusing but infuriating that they oppose it but they use that same freedom of speech to spew their hatred of everything Western (and go unchallenged by the law). Then they oppose the freedom of speech by those that oppose their views like Tommy Robinson and the EDL (who are dealt with by the law and the courts). The bastards seem to be able to have a bet each way with impunity.

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