Allahu akbar: Saudi TV to broadcast “positive hatred” of Christians all over Spain

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand must be spinning in their graves like Iranian centrifuges:

Islamic hate TV  starts broadcasting in Spain


The Saudi Foundation for the Message of Islam, owned by Sheikh Abdulaziz al Fawzan,will be broadcasting Cordoba Television from two warehouses  in San Sebastian de los Reyes in  Madrid – Spain. This will occur with the dawn of the new year 2012 (hat tip to the religion of peace!).  The plan is to broadcast eight hours daily on the religion of peace issues. It is also planned to broadcast in Spanish in Spain and Latin America for 24 hours in the future. Most of the staff are Spaniards who have converted to Islam for one rea$on or another, and  a few profe$$ionals from the Spanish TV channels Antena 3 and Telecinco.

They are just “conservatives” you see, just like our conservative Christians, or “ultra-orthodox Jews”:

Saudi Sheikh Abdul-Aziz al Fawzan, the owner of this venue,  has promoted for many years the Saudi version of Islam with an ultraconservative interpretation of Islam, promotes a “positive hatred” of Christians and justifies the repression of women in his country.

Another Islamic TV channel, Hispan TV, started on December 21st, broadcasting in Spanish from Iran and will offer Iranian TV series and films dubbed in Spanish as well as news programmes. Who knows what will come next…probably a bloody form a Ashura in Madrid (the usual!), Spain’s capital

5 thoughts on “Allahu akbar: Saudi TV to broadcast “positive hatred” of Christians all over Spain”

  1. “…Spaniards who have converted to Islam…”

    If that doen’t make Isabella and Ferdinand think what the hell are those morons doing then what would?

  2. Muslims are still irritated over the loss of face and “honor” (they don’t possess any to begin with) because of the loss of “their” land “Andalusia” or Spain. They will not rest until they own it again. They will conduct all forms of jihad until Spain is a part of the caliphate. It is a particular burr under their saddle. This latest “Cordoba” propaganda is part of that plan to get it back.

  3. “when pigs fly” is 100% correct.
    Islam will not be happy until the whole world is learning Arabic, reading from the Qur’an and Hadiths and sticking their asses in the air five times daily. What a domineering bloodlusting death cult. That’s the only way it can spread.
    These Spaniards, the ones who converted, must be sado-masochists or psychopaths to begin with.

  4. whew! i’m so relieved that only a “positive hatred” will be promoted! thank allah no negative hate will be spewed out!

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